Donald Trump's speech in Anaheim: What he said and how people reacted

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This event was quite different than the Costa Mesa, CA mob protesters.
Article author: 
David Montero
Article publisher: 
OC Register
Article date: 
25 May 2016
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National News
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It was his original red meat message, the one that brought Donald Trump to this improbable moment as the presumptive Republican nominee for president – the message the crowd in Anaheim was hungry to devour over and over again.

“We’re going to have that wall ...” Trump told the crowd, waiting for what is now a familiar response.

The crowd delivered in a full-throated chant:

“Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!”

Speaking in a city that is majority Latino, Trump focused on illegal immigration during parts of his nearly hour long speech Wednesday...

Michael Arajuo was attending his second Trump rally and planned to be at the reality television show star’s San Diego event on Friday as well.

Dressed in a one-piece American flag jumpsuit, the 42-year-old Anaheim resident said he couldn’t back Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton ... 

“He speaks from the heart,” Arajuo said. “Sometimes he mangles his words and gets off-course, but he’s genuine and I think people are responding to that.” ...

The rally kicked off with Maria Espinoza, a “liberty-loving Latina” ...  She called for tougher borders to stop illegal immigration and linked it to criminal activity ...


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