Dream Act supporters block street leading into Disneyland

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Illegal aliens can chant “No Dreamers, no deal!” all they want but U.S. citizens voices say "No deal Dreamers!"
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Alma Fausto
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OC Register
Article date: 
23 January 2018
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National News
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About 20 protesters gathered Monday morning just outside of Disneyland to demand that the United States government provide immigration reform....

Barbara Hernandez, 26, of Santa Ana told the group how she came to the United States as a child: “We came to Disneyland for a vacation, and that vacation turned into 20 years.” ...

As protesters chanted “No Dreamers, no deal!” and held up signs, park guests stared as they walked into the resort, some of them taunting demonstrators and their message and nudging them out of the way as they strolled to the park’s entrance ...


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