Fact-Check: Morgan Carroll says Mike Coffman changes tune on deportation for English-language TV

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Coffman backs immigration reform [amnesty] in any language
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Alan Gathright, Oscar Contreras
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Denver Channel
Article date: 
4 November 2016
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Colorado News
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Democratic challenger Morgan Carroll's campaign says Colorado Republican Rep. Mike Coffman changes his immigration stance depending on the audience.

In a recent news release, Carroll's camp accused Coffman of saying "stop the deportations" while speaking Spanish in the Univision debate on Oct. 4 and then flip-flopping to say "you're going to be deported," while speaking English during a KUSA-TV interview two weeks later ...

In recent years, Coffman moderated his once-hardline positions on immigration after the district, formerly a conservative bastion, was redrawn in 2012 and became the most politically and ethnically diverse enclave in Colorado. He learned Spanish and has worked to reach out to Hispanic and Muslim constituents ...

But Carroll, a state senator, and her Democratic allies have worked just as hard to remind voters that in 2010 Coffman said, "The DREAM Act will be a nightmare for the American people," as he voted against the bill to give children brought into the country unlawfully a path to citizenship if they attended college or served in the military ...