Frustrated Colorado ICE detainees in midst of hunger strike over infectious disease quarantines

Article author: 
Tony Kovaleski
Article publisher: 
The Denver Channel
Article date: 
6 March 2019
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Colorado News
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Two days after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement gave Denver7 a tour of its Aurora Contract Detention Facility, there are reports that dozens of detainees are beginning a hunger strike.

The detainees are hoping to draw attention to continued issues with infectious diseases that have resulted in multiple quarantines. This week, more than 200 detainees in the facility on North Oakland Street are under quarantine, meaning they cannot visit with family, attend court hearings or leave their respective detention pods...

Priscilla Cruz-Moreno’s husband Henry is one of those 65 heading into another quarantine. “We are going on two months now. It's inhumane," she said ...

She has a message for GEO Group, the private contractor paid to operate the facility.

“Improve medical care in the facility."...