Gessler: 141 Illegally Registered To Vote

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No Plan To Challenge Voter Status
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Wayne Harrison
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The Denver Channel
Article date: 
7 September 2012
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Colorado News
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Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler says 141 non-citizens are illegally registered to vote in Colorado but he's backed off from a divisive plan to hold hearings to challenge their status before November.

Gessler announced Friday he's sending the names of those registered voters to county clerks so they're aware of their status. But he says there's not enough time to hold challenge hearings. He says a federal database found 141 non-citizens registered to vote. But those voters could still verify their status.

Gessler says 35 of those previously voted.

... He was criticized by Democrats who say his search is a witch-hunt that risks disenfranchising eligible voters in a battleground state.