Gessler alerts Colo. DAs of suspected noncitizens who have voted

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The 155 have voted in one or more past elections
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Ivan Moreno
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The Denver Post
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July 1, 2013
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Colorado News
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The names of 155 suspected noncitizens who have cast ballots in Colorado elections are being sent to prosecutors, Secretary of State Scott Gessler said Monday, continuing a contentious debate between Gessler and critics who question the validity of his findings.
The voters are among 4,201 people who have received letters from Gessler, the state's elections chief, asking them to clarify their status since last summer in the lead-up to the 2012 contests. The 155 have voted in one or more past elections, and did not reply to the letters, Gessler's office said.
Gessler said he had "no choice but to refer these cases to law enforcement for investigation and prosecution."

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