GOP ‘Bill of Love’ Immigration Bill To End Chain Migration, Visa Lottery, Catch-and-Release

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10 January 2018
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National News
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A group of House Republicans has drafted an ambitious immigration bill which offers a token amnesty in exchange for a deep reform of immigration rules to ease deportations, promote civic integration, end chain migration, end the visa lottery, build a border wall and raise Americans’ wages.

The bill is backed by President Donald Trump, who said Tuesday it should be a “bill of love.”

The bill is described by the authors in a Wall Street Journal article:

A priority of our legislation is to increase the security of the southern border. Our bill would provide $30 billion to build a wall, to invest in new technology, and to improve, modernize and expand ports of entry. It would add boots on the ground: an additional 5,000 Border Patrol agents and 5,000 Customs and Border Protection officers. It would provide for the construction of additional ports of entry and a full implementation of the biometric entry-exit system, while authorizing the National Guard to provide aviation and intelligence support.

The bill was developed by four influential GOP members. They are Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who chairs the judiciary committee, and Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, who chairs the House’s homeland defense committee. The bill was also authored by Rep. Raul Labrador and Rep. Martha McSally....

The article also says the draft law will reform the myriad laws which help migrants use to prevent their deportation...

The bill would raise Americans’ wages by making the E-Verify job-applicant review system mandatory and by halving the annual inflow of 1 million immigrant workers...

The bill rejects the Democrats’ DREAM Act amnesty, which would provide a fast-track citizenship for up to 3.25 million illegals, plus millions of their foreign chain-migration relatives.

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In compensation for disconsolate Democrats, the bill offers the most modest of amnesties — renewable work-permits for the 670,000 illegals now registered for President Barack Obama’s DACA program. That would allow the migrants to work, but not to vote...