GOP Chairman Priebus To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo In Colorado

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1 May 2015
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Colorado News
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The head of the Republican National Committee will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Colorado ...

[Republican National Committee Chairman] Priebus has made outreach to Hispanics a key goal of his tenure. He’s expected to appear with Rep. Mike Coffman ...

CAIRCO Notes re Cinco de Mayo:

Note: Cinco de Mayo is often used to celebrate the 1862 Mexican-French war, defeating the French occupying forces per the news.

Congruently The Reconquista movement is over this: The 1846–1848 Mexican-American War, settling the breakaway of Texas from Mexico.

So Mexicans can celebrate their war but at the same time Mexicans also demand the U.S. return our territory after they lost this war. We know what America paid in dollars [$15 Million] for the southwest territory, did Mexico repay their owed debt re the French territory?