GOP congressman Mike Coffman keeps up Latino outreach – long after re-election

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Rep. Coffman speaks of illegal aliens often, is that the Latino outreach, for illegal aliens are not just Latino.
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Elizabeth Llorente
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Fox News Latino
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6 April 2015
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Colorado News
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Congressman Mike Coffman has been studying Spanish for less than two years, but he launches into it with the seeming comfort and ability of a veteran speaker.

The Colorado Republican, who won re-election in 2014 in what was considered the most competitive House race in the country, drew some skepticism when he began taking Spanish and going to Latino neighborhoods and adopting a more moderate view of issues such as comprehensive immigration reform ...

“Es muy importante para la comunidad,” Coffman said in an interview with Fox News Latino where the questions were in English but he often responded in Spanish.

“It’s a sign of respect for the community,” he said ...

Now, he was formulating his views and ideas after speaking directly – without translators – in Spanish to families separated after deportations, and undocumented youths who had been in the United States since they were children and shared with him their despair over not being able to go to college or get a driver’s license because of actions their parents had taken ...

The Republican National Committee is holding Coffman up as a model for the kind of engagement Republicans must employ if they are to turn around their image among Latinos.

Coffman has softened his stance on immigration. In the past he expressed opposition to giving undocumented immigrants a break, and did not support the DREAM Act ...

Now he supports allowing immigrants who were brought to the United States as children a chance to legalize if, among other things, they are willing to join the military or go to college ...

Had Coffman not changed, Martinez added, “I think it would have put him in jeopardy”...


CAIRCO Comment: Is 'in jeopardy' a reference to his public servant career, which law-abiding, not illegal alien, Colorado voters elected him for?

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