Hundreds of Roaring Fork Valley children and young adults affected by DACA decision

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A brief collection of the headline stories in Glenwood Post Independent
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Post Independent
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5 September 2017
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Colorado News
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[...] "Looking at the bigger picture, removing DACA is about preventing young people of color from gaining wealth and stability in this country," he [Alex Alvarado, 24] said.


Trump actions increase anxiety among immigrants in Roaring Fork Valley

[...] People who had been complacent about securing their legal status because they had been viewed as a low priority for deportation have been scrambling, Hess [Glenwood Springs attorney] said ...


Carbondale church will offer sanctuary during immigration crackdown

[...The congregation contends the U.S. immigration system is "broken" and is "tearing apart families and communities."
 The process of sanctuary is lawful and transparent. The church informs ICE of the person's name, their alien record number and the address of where they are located. Sanctuaries then typically call on community support for the person. ...