Illegal alien-rights groups debate reform vs. deportation relief

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Some immigration reformers want time to pass a comprehensive [amnesty] bill. Others want action on deportations now
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Roxana Kopetman
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Orange County Register
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1 June 2014
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National News
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Gurmukh Singh, a taxi driver who lives with his wife and teenage daughters in Garden Grove, doesn’t know quite what to make of the latest twists involving the nation’s immigration and deportation laws.

President Barack Obama unexpectedly announced this week that he would delay a promised review of, and a potential more “humane” approach to, deportations to give Republicans more time to approve a comprehensive immigration bill.

Some immigration advocacy groups are supporting the move. Many others are not.

For [illegal alien] people like Singh, who faces deportation after living in the United States for 16 years, the president’s decision is certainly not going to help him – at least not in the immediate future ...

His wife and children are U.S. citizens.

Alexis Nava Teodoro, a leader in a local immigrant youth group working to stop deportations in Orange County, said Singh and others will suffer from inaction on deportations.

“They need to stop playing political games with our lives,” Nava Teodoro, of RAIZ, said of the Obama administration and the pro-immigrant groups that asked the president to delay a decision on revamping deportation policies.

Last Tuesday, a number of national groups released a statement urging Obama to allow time for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and his colleagues to “seize this moment” and pass an immigration reform bill by August ...

“We need both immigration reform legislation and an overhaul of our deportation practices,” Lowenthal [Rep. Alan Lowenthal, D-Long Beach] said in an email. “We must pass H.R.15 to provide a pathway to citizenship [amnesty] , increase legal immigration, clear visa backlogs, and streamline [amnesty]  and expand high-skilled immigration..."

Vaughn Becht, president of the Orange County-based National Coalition for Immigration Reform, which is against illegal immigration, said his message to Congress is a short one: “not to cave.”

“If someone is here legally, I have no problem with that. They follow our laws, that’s OK ...” Becht said ...

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