Illegal Aliens line up to get new Colorado driver's licenses, ID cards

Article author: 
Lisa Walton
Article publisher: 
The Gazette
Article date: 
16 July 2014
Article category: 
Colorado News
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The chance to drive legally and obtain a driving permit or identification card has undocumented immigrants lining up around the state.

The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, signed into law in June 2013, goes into effect Aug. 1.

It allows residents who cannot demonstrate lawful presence in the country the opportunity to get a license, register a car and, subsequently, buy insurance - as long as they provide all of the required documents.

As of July 10, nearly 10,000 people across the state had scheduled appointments to obtain these special driver's licenses, which will have a black strip across the top that reads "Not for federal identification, voting or public benefit purposes," the Colorado Department of Revenue said. Appointments are booked through October...

The program is meant to be self-supported, according to the Department of Revenue, and there will be additional fees for cards issued under the program. The fee for a driver's license is $50.50. The cost for an identification card is $14. Both will be valid for three years after being issued, according to the Department of Revenue.

Acceptable identification documents include passports, consular identification cards or military identification documents from their country of origin. All documents will be accepted up to 10 years after they have expired ...

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