Jeanette Vizguerra once again takes sanctuary in Denver church as she sues ICE to block her deportation

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Immigration activist was granted a nearly 2-year deportation stay after her 86-day stay at Denver’s First Baptist Church
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From article: her nearly two-year stay of deportation expired Friday
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Elizabeth Hernandez
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Denver Post
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15 March 2019
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Colorado News
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Jeanette Vizguerra, a Colorado immigration activist whose fight to stay in this country has drawn national attention, is once again taking sanctuary in a Denver church after suing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in an effort to stave off deportation.

As her nearly two-year stay of deportation expired Friday, Vizguerra, 47, and her lawyers announced from inside the First Unitarian Society of Denver church that she will again be confined to living inside a house of faith to avoid being sent back to Mexico.

In 2017, Vizguerra spent 86 days living inside the same churchbefore being granted the stay of deportation.

“I’m tired of hearing from people that I should go back and take my children back to Mexico,” Vizguerra said. “My roots are on this continent. If you think I should go back, you should pack up and go back to yours. … We pay taxes. We work hard. … I’m a mother just like any other mother who will do what is best for her children every time.” ...

Vizguerra’s attorneys on Thursday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Denver alleging ICE “carried out a years-long campaign” against the activist in the interest of deporting her to Mexico without “valid justification” for doing so ...

Aaron Elinoff and Danielle C. Jefferis are her attorneys.

Jeanette Vizguerra facing deportation
Immigrant [illegal alien] Jeanette Vizguerra has been fighting for years to stay in the United States. The mother of four ended up in deportation proceedings after she was pulled over in 2009 for driving with expired tags. Vizguerra was arrested and put in an immigration detention center. After being released, she fought her case in court; when she lost, she filed an appeal.
But now, Vizguerra is back in the detention center -- and her family and the advocates who care for her are worried she may lose her fight to remain here ...