Larimer sheriff sits down for sanctuary city discussion after meeting with Trump

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Sheriff Justin Smith says he sees the biggest problem with "sanctuary cities" as local officers obstructing a federal agency's operations.
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Erin Powell
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9 News KUSA
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28 March 2018
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Colorado News
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Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith is fresh off a meeting with Pres. Trump to discuss sanctuary city policy.

Along with a handful of other law enforcement officers and politicians - who generally support Trump's position - they met in the White House for a roundtable conversation “to discuss the threat of the very lawless, in many cases, sanctuary cities,” as the president described them...

Smith touched on Denver’s “sanctuary policies" in the meeting, and gave Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda – a man living in the United States illegally who is accused of driving drunk and causing a deadly hit-and-run crash after his release from jail -- as an example of those policies gone wrong. He also mentioned “one activist judge” in Larimer County who put a “No ICE Agent” sign on the door of her courtroom.

“Essentially, you’re putting law enforcement officers potentially in a position to obstruct government operations,” Smith said in an interview with Kyle Clark about what he sees as the overarching problem with sanctuaries.

"It depends on the resources I’ve got," he said. "I can’t always guarantee to any other agency what assistance I can give them, but I never get put in a position of obstructing their operations. That’s actually what we’re seeing, is those consequences of one government obstructing another, and needless to say, that’s a dangerous and slippery slope to start down." ...