Latinos want Colorado’s new congressional and legislative maps to give them influence reflecting their growing numbers

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Latinos make up nearly a quarter of Coloradans. Advocates say this year’s redistricting is a chance to bring their political influence up to par
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From article: Immigration is too often the go-to framing for Latino politics, which may be top-of-mind for communities with more recent or unauthorized immigrants
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Thy Vo
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The Colorado Sun
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12 August 2021
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Colorado News
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Latino leaders are worried that Colorado’s once-in-a-decade redistricting process will continue to give them the short shrift at the state Capitol and in Congress, even as their community’s share of the population grows to nearly a quarter...

Colorado’s population has boomed over the last decade, jumping to nearly 5.8 million people, up 14.8% from 2010, according to the latest census figures...

Latino neighborhoods in the north Denver metro include more recent immigrants who work in industries like meatpacking and construction. Those in Pueblo or the San Luis Valley may be third-, fourth- or fifth-generation Chicanos, and live in more rural areas with different concerns, like access to hospitals and health care, water rights and the future of agriculture...

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Race and ethnicity across the nation, CNN, August 12, 2021