Local teachers head to the border to rally for the education of [illegal alien] migrant children

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expected to rally in El Paso, Texas in hopes of bringing awareness to the thousands of migrant children still waiting to be reunited with their families.
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From article:the government is still working to reunite some of these families "They're our future" - Colorado teacher Melissa McKibben
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Kristen Aguirre
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9 News
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15 February 2019
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Colorado News
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 In the past year and a half, thousands of migrant children were separated from their parents at the U.S.- Mexico border. 

While that policy has ended, the government is still working to reunite some of these families. In the meantime, thousands of children sit in detention centers, waiting ...

"I felt moved to make a difference, to contribute in any way that I could,” Melissa McKibben said.

McKibben has been a teacher at Edgewater Elementary for the past seven years.

"I think teachers see ourselves as public servants and we want to do what we can and provide our expertise and our knowledge to support whoever is in need,” she said. “Any age, any race, any person. I'm in a position to be able to provide hope. I'm hoping to provide that to the kids. They're our future."  ...