Mayor of Yuma Withdraws Local State of Emergency on Dec. 19, Thanks POTUS and DHS for Support in Humanitarian Crisis

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28 December 2019
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National News
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This morning, Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls at a meeting with Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Ken Cuccinelli, withdrew Yuma’s State of Emergency proclamation that had been activated in response to the humanitarian crisis at the border, as thousands of migrants who illegally crossed the border were without shelter.

Mayor Nicholls issued the emergency proclamation on April 16, 2019, when thousands of migrants illegally crossed the border and were apprehended and released into the City of Yuma, overwhelming the shelter system. 

The mayor credits successful efforts of the Trump Administration, initiatives implemented by DHS and the Government of Mexico, the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), as well as the repatriation to Central American countries. The humanitarian crisis experienced in Yuma this year has successfully been addressed in a way that allowed for Mayor Nicholls to withdraw the Proclamation of Emergency.

“I am grateful to be able to withdraw the Proclamation of Emergency due to the Trump Administration's policy changes that diminish the flow of the migrant family units to the Yuma area and prevent releases into the Yuma community,” said Mayor Nicholls ...