Murrieta Braces for More [illegal] Immigration Protests

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An overload of [illegal] immigrant families at the U.S. border with Mexico has led to calls for aid from the Obama administration...
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Tracy Connor
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NBC News
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4 July 2014
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National News
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The Southern California city that became a flashpoint in the crisis over  [illegal alien] children [illegally] crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is waiting to learn if the feds will try to send new busloads of [illegal aliens] undocumented immigrants — and whether the tensions on display earlier this week will flare up again.

Dozens of protesters blocked the road to Murrieta Tuesday ...

But organizers of the initial demonstration — which featured people chanting "Go back home!" and angry confrontations with  [illegal alien] immigrant supporters — say they are ready to take to the streets again to stop the [illegal alien] migrants from coming in.

“We are defending our nation,” protest organizer Patrice Lynes said Thursday. “We want the laws enforced at the border. A nation without borders is a nation without sovereignty.”

Lynes vowed that the protests would continue Friday, or whenever the next buses attempt to reach the town. “We will stop when the whole process stops. That’s when we will stop,” she said ...

Murrieta police said in a statement on its website that it would work with Customs and Border Protection if demonstrators block the road to the intake center as they did on Tuesday. The department also defended itself from criticism that officers stood by and let protesters block the path.

“The police department was preparing to clear the roadway and make arrests if necessary,” during Tuesday’s action, but Border Patrol made the call to reroute the buses as police were waiting for backup to forcefully clear the road ...

In Murrieta's historic downtown ...

"I would like them [illegal aliens] all to go back where they belong. I don't want to support more people than we have the ability to do so. Nor do we have a place to store them," said Rea Douglas, an antique shop owner ...