Poll: Gallup: Only 3% of Americans Rank Immigration Reform as Top Priority

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Tony Lee
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Article date: 
16 January 2014
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National News
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New polling data from Gallup shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not think handling immigration reform [amnesty for illegal aliens] is even close to a top priority for 2014.

Immigration places well behind other issues like healthcare, jobs, the economy, dissatisfaction with Washington politicians, the debt and deficit, lack of money, ethics and moral issues, poverty, the gap between the rich and the poor, education, foreign aid and others. In fact, only three percent of Americans think the issue is a priority that must be dealt with this year...

Despite the fact that most Americans clearly do not think Congress or President Barack Obama should consider immigration [amnesty] issues a priority in 2014, House Speaker John Boehner and the rest of House GOP leadership are currently considering them a priority...

In fact, the only way immigration issues would fit into the priorities of voters is if they are viewed through the lens of how economically devastating amnesty and a subsequent massive increase in legal immigration would be to American workers—something that affects jobs and the economy, two top priorities according to Gallup...