Protections for undocumented immigrants are about public safety, councilmembers say

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From article: If passed, it will prohibit city employees from collecting information on immigration or citizenship status. It would also not allow them to share that information for immigration enforcement purposes.
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Victoria Sanchez
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9 News
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28 August 2017
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Colorado News
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Denver could get federal backlash, but the Mile High City's elected leaders are moving forward with a vote Monday night to protect undocumented immigrants.

Although opponents disagree, City Councilmember Paul López says don't call Denver a "sanctuary city” as this bill is about public safety. ..

The bill is expected to pass Monday with a 11-to-0 vote. Two city councilmembers are absent.

There could be federal financial repercussions, like the loss of some grant funding. Kniech said if information like national origin and citizenship is required for certain grants, the council will forgo the money. When it comes to other types of funding sources, she said the council could challenge the administration through lawsuits ...

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  Applicants for SCAAP funds are required to certify compliance with all applicable Federal laws at the time of application.  In that regard, Members of Congress have asked the Department of Justice to examine whether jurisdictions with “sanctuary policies” (i.e., policies that either prevent law enforcement from releasing persons without lawful immigration status into Federal custody for deportation, or that prevent state or local law enforcement from sharing certain information with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials) are in violation of 8 U.S.C section 1373 ...