Rep Mike Coffman (R) tells Aurora crowd he favors legal status for immigrants

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Nic Turiciano
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The Denver Post
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10 February 2013
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Colorado News
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At a church in Aurora on Sunday afternoon, Rep. Mike Coffman told a standing-room-only crowd of roughly 800 that he was in favor of legal status for illegal immigrants and a path to citizenship for their children.

Coffman, a Republican who has proposed anti-immigration legislation in the past, said his change in stance was of a personal nature due to interaction with various families. Coffman previously has proposed legislation that would force Colorado's ballots to be English-only and supported a bill to strip natural-born citizenship from children of illegal immigrants.
Coffman's comments Sunday echo a GOP platform on immigration reform that has shifted in recent weeks following generally low support from Hispanic voters in the 2012 election ...
Coffman acknowledged that his stance on the issue is changing. While he supports a path to citizenship for immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, he has not come to a further conclusion.
"I haven't resolved the question about a pathway to citizenship for (adults) who've overstayed their visa or crossed the border illegally," Coffman said.
Coffman, a veteran who served 21 years with the military, also discussed the Military Enlistment Opportunity Act, which he introduced to Congress on Jan. 29. The bill, if passed, would provide immigrants who have resided in the U.S. legally for two years or those defined as Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals the opportunity to enlist in the U.S. military and thus gain a path to naturalized citizenship.


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