With sanctuary cities again in the headlines, Colorado gubernatorial candidates stake out their positions

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Esteban L. Hernandez
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12 March 2018
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Colorado News
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A bill targeting sanctuary cities like Denver that would allow people who are victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants to hold cities and local officials liable is scheduled for a committee hearing at the Colorado State Capitol on Wednesday. (A similar bill considered a year ago was rejected by lawmakers in the House.)

It’s the latest example of how sanctuary cities, a non-legal term referring to cities whose local law enforcement don’t fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities, are once again at the forefront on the continual conversation of illegal immigration in Colorado.  The subject will likely stay a hot topic as both major parties’ primaries approach — and the state’s candidates for governor are staking out their positions ...

From the article, each person is listed by name and their positions:

  • Stephen Barlock
  • Attorney General Cynthia Coffman
  • Victor Mitchell 
  • Doug Robinson
  • Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton
  • Noel Ginsburg
  • Mike Johnston
  • Cary Kennedy
  • Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne
  • U.S. Rep. Jared Polis