Spanish-speaking officers, employees help Boulder County law enforcement bridge language, cultural gaps

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From Article: Boulder DA- front desk clerks are required to speak English and Spanish
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John Bear
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Boulder Daily Camera
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November 27, 2018
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Colorado News
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Longmont police officer Edna Muñoz is one of a handful of employees at the department who speaks fluent Spanish, and she uses it on the job at least once, but often several times a shift ...

Boulder County District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Catherine Olguin said front desk clerks are required to speak English and Spanish ...

Longmont police dispatcher Maria Arce was born in Mexico and grew up speaking Spanish at home. She estimates that about one in every three calls she fields on any given day is conducted in Spanish...

She added that, culturally speaking, Hispanic people are big on family, and acknowledging people who might seem peripheral to a call — like small children or an elderly person in the house — also is essential to putting people at ease.

Your family is considered your cousins and your second cousins — everyone is your family," she  said ...