Texas couple accused of buying guns illegally to send to Mexico, court documents say

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From the article: Sevilla-Alavarez is a legal permanent resident while Franco-Hernandez is a naturalized U.S. citizen
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Nichole Manna
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The Star-Telegram
Article date: 
6 November 2018
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National News
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A Texas couple acted as straw buyers for someone in Mexico by purchasing several high-dollar rifles and attempting to send them across the border, court documents said.

Francisco Sevilla-Alvarez and his wife Perla Franco-Hernandez are accused of purchasing $45,000 worth of rifles and a silencer in  October for an unidentified individual in Mexico ...

During the alleged purchases, Franco-Hernandez filled out the paperwork because her husband could not pass a background check.

He had previously been denied the first time they tried buying a firearm, according to the paper. It was not clear why he could not pass a background check ...