Three Illegal Aliens, Freed by Sanctuary State Colorado, Accused of Murdering 30-Year-Old Man in Texas

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28 December 2022
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Colorado News
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Three illegal aliens, all with prior criminal arrests in the sanctuary state of Colorado, are accused of murdering a 30-year-old man in El Paso, Texas.

Last month, illegal aliens Ector Sarabia-Cabrera, Isidrio Sarabia-Gonzalez, and Braulio Barron-Rubio — along with a fourth suspect, Yessica Cortes-Barcenas — were arrested and charged with murdering 30-year-old Manuel Hernandez-Uribe, a fugitive wanted for kidnapping, second-degree strangulation, nonconsensual sexual contact, child abuse, third-degree assault, and harassment.

Police allege that Sarabia-Cabrera, Sarabia-Gonzalez, and Barron-Rubio kidnapped Hernandez-Uribe before taking him to Cheyenne Mountain and shooting him. The three illegal aliens are accused of then dumping his body along the side of a road.

KRDO 13 Investigates reveals in an exclusive report that the illegal aliens each had their own criminal histories in the sanctuary state of Colorado before allegedly murdering Hernandez-Uribe in El Paso....