Trump celebrates young African immigrant's prayer at White House: 'So amazing!'

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From article: Her prayer began" Thank you for giving us a great leader like Trump, Mr. Donald Trump"
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Caleb Parke
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Fox News
Article date: 
9 October 2019
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National News
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After President Trump finished his speech to the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House, a young woman in attendance yelled something that stopped the president in his tracks.

"Let me pray for you," Mahalet, an Ethiopian immigrant adopted by a Christian family in Indiana, said. Trump stopped the music and brought her up on stage to the presidential podium ...

“I’m not really good with prayers or anything like that but I just want to say thank you, Mr. President," she said...“And I want to make sure that, I mean, I know that Americans are gonna wake up and we’re gonna get back to looking to God instead of social media and we’re gonna look back to Jesus because Jesus saves and this country was founded upon the Constitution, was built on godly principles and we’re gonna fight for that,” she added....

Photos of the event show Trump looking at Mahalet with a smile as she delivered the passionate prayer.

Trump gave her a hug and tweeted out "So amazing!" ...

CAIRCO Notes: Immigrants love our country and support President Trump.