Universities Tout Amnesty To Protect Their Middle-Class Outsourcing Program

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Neil Munro
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Article date: 
13 December 2017
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National News
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A group of wealthy universities is joining the push for a DACA amnesty because they want to protect the revenue they get by providing white-collar work permits to 330,000 foreign graduate-customers.

The lobbying group, titled The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, says it wants to push the ‘DACA’ amnesty for 3 million illegals. A very low percentage of the ‘dreamer’ illegals attend college, but the DACA amnesty fight also keeps President Donald Trump’s deputies on the defensive and less likely to reform the growing “Optional Practical Training” cash-cow used by Harvard, Georgetown, Rutgers and many other universities...

The H-1B program is vulnerable because it outsources roughly 550,000 white-collar jobs, mostly in technology. However, the program also puts foreign graduates into many prestigious U.S. jobs in medicine and academia, engineering, accounting, and fashion. Many of those jobs are sought by the 800,000 Americans who graduate from college each year with skilled degrees in business, medicine, science, architecture, engineering or computers...