Verify: No, undocumented people don't clean the Capitol

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[From 9 News] "Duran took to the floor to chastise Republican members who’ve used the term “illegal alien” on the floor ...
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Brandon Rittiman
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9 News, KUSA
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7 April 2017
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Colorado News
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In the middle of a floor speech Friday morning, Colorado state House Speaker Rep. Crisanta Duran (D-Denver) claimed that people in the country illegally clean the state capitol. They don’t ...

As part of her argument, Duran said ...

“You know a lot of time who’s working behind the scenes in the hotels and the restaurants and who comes here late at night to do the cleanup work in this Capitol, and clean up after all of us? Do you know who those people are? Sometimes they are undocumented individuals.” ...

The claim that people in the country illegally are cleaning the capitol didn’t seem quite right, so we checked with the people who run the state Capitol at the state Department of Personnel and Administration ...

Their response to us left no wiggle room: Speaker Duran was simply wrong when she said this ...

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