Will Colorado’s ski country get pinched by Trump’s immigration policies?

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We certainly hope so
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Dan Njegomir
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Colorado Politics
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22 September 2017
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Colorado News
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For all the high-profile attempts by the Trump administration to crack down on immigration...  its repeal of DACA — a far more obscure White House initiative on immigration could turn out to have the most far-reaching impact on Colorado...
Yet, a little-reported, possible policy shift regarding another type of immigration has the ski industry worried. Same goes for the service industry in surrounding ski towns. That’s the upshot of a report this week in ski-beat magazine Powder.
The industry for years has relied on H-2B and, more recently, J-1 visas to fill perennial labor shortages using temporary workers from abroad. Regulations were tightened on H-2B visas in recent years, and now, says Powder...
It remains unclear whether ski resorts are among the intended targets of the possible J-1 cutback...


Some of us at CAIRCO are avid skiers. We remember when Americans took the jobs that Americans won't do - that is, working at ski resorts. Indeed, even one of our former Colorado governors worked for a year as a ski bum.
Today, most Americans can no longer earn even a subsistence-level living at ski resorts. While lift ticket prices have soared through the stratosphere, wages have in comparison plummeted to new lows. Ski resorts undercut American workers by hiring cheap, docile, foreign workers.
It's time to put America and Americans first.