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Discredited Southern Poverty Law Center meddling in Alabama

The sorely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is advocating for an Alabama legal lot line for illegal aliens.

From the CNN June 6, 2012 article "Civil rights groups urge immigrants to use hot line":


by Fred Elbel

Definitions of important terms are included below. For additional information, also see the section Islamic terminology you should know.

Local Law Enforcement may cooperate with Immigration Enforcement

A review of applicable rulings shows that local law enforcement may cooperate with ICE (immigration enforcement)

The Mexican matricula consular ID card: safe or sorry? (2003)

On January 8, 2003 Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform and the Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD) Office of Student Activities put on a public debate and discussion on the Mexican matricula consular ID card.

Protest of Denver's El Centro hiring hall for illegal aliens (2006)

Colorado Minuteman, CAIRCO, and over 40 other concerned citizen groups joined a 19 State National Day Labor Protest on January 7th 2006, to demonstrate against El Centro Humanitario located at 2260 California St. in Denver, Colorado.

Denver's El Centro hiring hall for illegal aliens (2005-2006)

Burrito Breakfast with Mayor Hickenlooper


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