Fiscal cost of sanctuary cities

The following articles provide information on the fiscal cost of sanctuary cities:

Weekes: Taxpayers footing millions in Colorado’s criminal alien sanctuary city policies, Colorado Statesman, February 6, 2017.

Mapping $27 Billion In Federal Funding Of America's Sanctuary Cities, Adam Andrzejewski, Forbes, February 2, 2017. See excerpts on sanctuary city funding.

Report: Federal Funding of America's Sanctuary Cities,, February, 2017.

Interactive map: 2016 Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities,, February, 2017:



Tancredo: Over 300 Sanctuary Cities Are Costing State and Local Taxpayers over $7,000,000 annually, Tom Tancredo, Breitbart, January 28, 2017.

Largest 10 Sanctuary Cities May Lose $2.27 Billion in Federal Funding, Breitbart, January 27, 2017.