How to contact your Colorado legislators and US Senators and Representative

Below you will find contact information and resources for Colorado legislators and US Senators and Representatives from Colorado.

How to contact Colorado state legislators in your district / city / county

How to contact your Colorado legislators - elected public servants

The Colorado General Assembly website is the primary resource for finding your Colorado legislators. Here are specific links to pages on the General Assembly website:

Here are other ways to find your legislative district:

  • Your Colorado Voter information card also lists your legislative district.
  • Project Vote Smart allows you to enter your zipcode+4 in order to look up your elected public servants.
  • You can also go to the All legislators Directory, then select Senators by District or Representatives by District. This will display Senators or Representatives by district number. Click on each district number to see a description of that district's location.
  • Also see Open States. You can enter your address and find your Colorado Senator and Representative. Open States has detailed information on Senators and Representatives.
  • You can contact your county elections and voter registration department. See Wikipedia Colorado Counties and Colorado Home Town Locator.
  • legislative districts has a map where you can view state and national legislative districts.

Here is more information on the Colorado legislative process.

Here are Capitol phone numbers and mailing address:

Colorado House of Representatives:

Speaker 866-2346
Majority Leader 866-2348
Minority Leader 866-5523
Chief Clerk
In Session 866-2903
Interim 866-2345
Information on Bills 866-3055
Visitors' Aides (in Session) 866-2331
House Offices 866-2904
Toll free number (outside Denver)
JAN - MAY 1-800-811-7647

Colorado Senate:

President 866-3342
Pres Pro Tempore 866-3077
Majority Leader 866-3341
Ass't Majority Leader 866-4866
Minority Leader 866-2318
Secretary of Senate 866-2316
Republican Senators 866-4866
Democratic Senators 866-4865
Information on Bills 866-3055
Visitors' Aides (in Session) 866-4885
Senate Offices 866-2316
Toll free number (outside Denver)
JAN - MAY 1-888-473-8136

Colorado Legislative Offices:

Joint Budget Committee 866-2061
Legislative Legal Services 866-2045
Revisor of Statutes 866-2045
Legislative Council 866-3521
Auditor's Office 866-2051
Legislative Printing 866-3526

Colorado Capitol mailing address:

Colorado State Capitol
200 East Colfax


Here are Colorado Legislative Committees.


Jared Polis, Governor

Website:    contact via website: issues   legislation
136 State Capitol, Denver, CO 80203-1792
Phone: 303-866-2471, Fax: 303-866-2003

How to contact your US Senators and Representatives from Colorado

Contact US Senators and Representatives from Colorado - elected public servants

To reach your Senator or Representatives in DC, call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be transferred to you senators' or representative's office.

Tools to help you find your Colorado district and elected public servants

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