Act now! Colorado's last ditch effort to ram through a sanctuary state bill!

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1 May 2019
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From FAIR:

Dear Colorado Activists

Urgent: We need your help to ensure that Colorado does not become a sanctuary state. This is the last week that the Colorado legislature will be in session.

We need to ensure that the sanctuary bill, Protect Colorado Residents from Federal Government Overreach (HB 1124), does not reach the governor’s desk. If you have not yet contacted your senator to voice your opposition, we need your help today.

Please email your senator right now and urge him to oppose HB 1124.


Colorado’s legislative session is about to wind up - we need your help to oppose a last ditch effort to ram through a sanctuary state bill!

House Bill (HB) 1124 would establish dangerous sanctuary policies in the Centennial State. It would make it extremely difficult for state and local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials and would allow criminal aliens, even those convicted of the most serious crimes, to evade immigration enforcement. Instead of being removed from the country, criminal aliens will end up back on the streets of Colorado cities.

Your voice is needed now to make sure Colorado does not become a sanctuary state!

Without your help, the legislature could still bow to those in Colorado who turn a blind eye to the public safety threats posed by sanctuary laws and believe that criminal aliens deserve more protection than the law-abiding in Colorado.

Take Action Now:

Email your Senator today and ask him/her to oppose HB 1124.

Tell them that sanctuary policies:

  • Threaten public safety;
  • Are costly;
  • Conflict with federal law; and
  • Are unfair to legal immigrants.

In addition, please forward this email to your like-minded family members and friends and ask them to take action too!


Shari Rendall
State and Local Engagement Director

Email Your CO State Senator Right Now!



How to contact Colorado state legislators in your district / city / county