About Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform - CAIRCO

About Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform - CAIRCO

Concerned Americans: concerned about our Independent Republic, and our Constitution

Advocating for the rights of future generations of Americans.

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIRCO.org) upholds America's Constitutional Republic and the sovereignty of our American nation. CAIRCO opposes efforts to transform America into an open borders globalist / socialist country.

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIRCO - formerly known in Colorado as CAIR) is a Colorado non-profit organization seriously concerned with America's rapid population growth and the devastating effects that growth will have on the future of Colorado and the nation.

We work toward a complete halt to illegal immigration and a reduction of legal immigration to sustainable numbers. We are concerned about the impact of immigration-driven population growth on future generations of Americans - of all races, creeds, and colors. We at Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform are pro-legal immigrant and pro-legal immigration but at numbers consistent with cultural assimilation and ecological sustainability. America will always be a land of opportunity for those seeking a better life, but it can not and must not come at the expense of its finite natural resources and of the future of its most precious of all resources, our children and grandchildren.

Yet we realize these issues are a subset of the multiple components of globalist political effort to transform society and eradicate the nation-state as we know it. We produce the CAIRCO Report in order to inform Americans of this devastating agenda. We are Concerned Americans: concerned about our independent Republic, and our Constitution.

Population and immigration

It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest."
- the late U.S. Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan

U.S. population will double this century - within the lifetimes of children born today. 70% of this doubling will be caused by mass immigration - that is, by recent immigrants and their descendents. That will require roughly twice as many houses, cars, roads, prisons, hospitals, schools, water treatment facilities, etc. The result will be twice as much pollution, sprawl and pressure on our dwindling natural resources and the resources that we draw from other countries.

It is said "America is a nation of immigrants." But humanity has been migrating for 10,000 years. All countries are nations of immigrants. At approximately 300 million people, America is now full, and it makes no sense to double U.S. population once again.

Accordingly, CAIRCO is calling for a pro-active, national policy to stabilize U.S. population and conserve our natural resources by insisting Congress set more realistic numbers of legal immigration (not exceeding 100,000 per year).

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform supports the following action plan to stabilize US and Colorado's population, formulated in Colorado in 1997:

  1. Immigration Moratorium
    We support immediate enactment of a 5-year immigration moratorium with an all-inclusive, firm cap of 100,000 immigrants (including refugees and asylees) per year.
  2. No More Amnesties
    We oppose additional amnesties granting legal status or citizenship to illegal aliens. Amnesties reward illegal behavior while unnecessarily adding to population growth, driving unending chain migration, and encouraging illegal entry to the U.S.
  3. Enforce Immigration Laws
    Existing laws requiring apprehension and deportation of all illegal aliens in the U.S. must be enforced. Officials failing to enforce our laws must be replaced.
  4. No Citizenship for Illegal Aliens' Offspring
    Offspring of illegal aliens should not be granted automatic U.S. citizenship. Many argue convincingly that the 14th Amendment does not guarantee citizenship to offspring of illegal aliens.

Thus our primary mission has been to inform the public, the media, and elected public servants about the consequences of unending immigration-driven population growth on the future of Colorado and the United States.

Reform: "to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses." - Merriam-Webster.

About our name: Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIRCO) was founded in the mid 1990s when "Immigration Reform" truly meant reform of incongruous United States immigration policy which ignored laws regarding interior immigration enforcement and US border security. Over time, radical open borders special interest groups sought to preempt the term "Immigration Reform" to codify their agenda to open American Borders to illegal aliens and to legalize foreign job-seekers who were successful in sneaking into America and evading capture at our border.

CAIRCO is for immigration law enforcement, while open borders radicals want law non-enforcement. CAIRCO stands for strengthening immigration law enforcement, while open borders opponents want to weaken immigration law enforcement.

The term "Immigration Reform" will always represent the fundamental concepts of immigration sanity and enforcement of American immigration laws for the best interests of Americans and America. To be clear, one can refer to it as "Patriotic Immigration Reform". As opposed to the open borders kind, which amounts to treason.

While we certainly support the efforts of other state and national immigration sanity organizations, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIRCO) is not affiliated with and is not managed or funded by organizations such as FAIR, NumbersUSA, Center for Immigration Studies, and The Social Contract.

We are in no way affiliated with the Islamic Hamas-linked designated terrorist organization CAIR.

We also are proud to be recognized by the loony hateful Southern Poverty Law Center. See the blog post Oh no! The hateful SPLC hate group hates us! and the section: references on the SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center hate group.

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