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Dangerous WHO Pandemic Treaty Nearing Vote
‘Ultimately, the goal of these instruments isn’t to protect public health,’ states a letter in opposition from 22 state attorneys general.
Epoch Times

The World Health Organization (WHO) has watered down some provisions of its pandemic agreements ahead of the upcoming World Health Assembly on May 27. Critics in the United States, however, say the changes don’t do enough to address the concerns over the policy.

Provisions in prior drafts of the WHO pandemic treaty...

Video: Weapons of Mass Migration - Important Documentary
Epoch TV

Watch this important documentary: Video: Weapons of Mass Migration. (Also see trailer).

Over 7.2 million illegal aliens have entered the United States since... Biden came into office. This record border crisis is not organic, behind it are official policies, heavy financing, and agreements between the U.S....

SAVE Act Is Required To Keep Illegal Aliens From Voting
Without The SAVE Act, The Only Thing Keeping Foreigners From Voting Is The Honor System

Now more than ever, we need to make sure that our elections are fair, lawfully conducted, and free of foreign influence.

Congressional Democrats insist that the SAVE Act — which requires proof of citizenship to establish eligibility to vote in federal elections — is unnecessary because federal law (18 USC § 611)...

Mayorkas And Biden Implementing ICE SVU Identification Card Amnesty

After a long roll-out, almost two years from concept to implementation, the Biden Regime will be implementing their latest amnesty, this time the ID Card Amnesty, first reported in July 2022: see Biden Regime Beginning Program To Give Amnesty-Lite To Illegal Aliens.

It’s just treason...

Why the Biden Regime Is Saving Hamas

... So why is the Biden administration throwing the full weight of the U.S. government at Israel to prevent it from routing Hamas?...

It's useful to remember that what distinguishes the Palestinians from other ethno-national groups born of the breakup of the multiethnic empires of Europe and the Levant after World War...

Screams Before Silence

A must-watch documentary. #ScreamsBeforeSilence sheds light on the unspeakable sexual violence committed on October 7. As heartbreaking as these stories in the documentary are, we cannot afford to look away.

Never-before-heard eyewitness accounts from released hostages, survivors, and first responders.

Will the GOP Be Able to Keep Noncitizens Out of the Census?
Hot Air

To answer the title question, House Republicans are certainly giving it a try, though the prospects for success appear to be thin at best. The House GOP voted last night to add a citizenship question to the 2030 census form. If successful, this would be done with the intent of not counting noncitizens [illegal aliens] in...

Mass Migration NOT Driving Economic Growth, Report Finds

In a rebuke of the neo-liberal orthodoxy which has dominated both major political parties in Britain, a study has found that mass migration has not actually stimulated the economy and has been a major drag on public services and the housing sector.

A report from the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) and co-authored by...

Will Jewish Voters Stop Voting for the Democrats Who Want to Kill Them?
A habit mixed up with personal identity.
Front Page Magazine

Jewish Americans are going to have to make a decision – the famously Democrat-leaning minority has a big problem because many of its fellow Democrats want them dead. That’s not an exaggeration – the chant of the Democrat’s left wing is not, "From the river to the sea, the Chosen People should be happy, safe, and free." Kind...

The Three Reasons People Hate Trump
and you can change two of them
American Greatness

... First are the "sillies." These are people who hate Trump purely because of his demeanor. They don't like the way he throws insults around, the way he has been caught on tape talking about women, or any of a number of other reasons that relate to personal attributes as opposed to matters of policy or his ability to govern...

RFK Jr. Takes on Trump and Biden Over Four Existential Issues - video
Epoch TV

Watch the Video: RFK Jr. Takes on Trump and Biden Over Four ‘Existential’ Issues:

... We have a $34 trillion debt. We’ve added a trillion dollars in the last hundred days and it’s growing exponentially. The cost of servicing that debt now exceeds our defense budget. Within five years, the cost of servicing this debt...

Islam's War on Israel

Screams Before Silence must-watch video documentary.

Try a Little Honesty About Israel, by Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media, 10 May 2024.

Holocaust Remembrance: Biden Regime Halts Weapons to Israel, Geller Report, 6 May 2024.

Why the Biden Regime Is Saving Hamas, by Lee Smith, Tablet, 2 May 2024.


America Is Likely Being Invaded By Hostiles - video

"America Is Likely Being Invaded By Hostiles" - Warning On The Migrant Crisis | Bret Weinstein


"We Don't Control the Border. The Cartel Controls the Border" - Border Patrol Whistleblower Reveals What Agents Are Up Against Thanks to Joe Biden (VIDEO), Gateway Pundit, 9 May 2024.

Video: Weapons...

Looking Back on Cloward-Piven
Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis
American Thinker

The following article was originally published on 28 September, 2028. It discusses the Cloward-Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis in the context of presidential candidate Barak Obama. Sixteen years later we are witnessing the full manifestation of this Marxist strategy.

Despite the mass media news blackout, a...

John Eastman on the 2020 election and allegations of fraud

John Eastman – where do I begin? Here are his sterling credentials...

And yet Eastman has been recommended for disbarment in California, and is under indictment as a co-conspirator in the Jack Smith "2020 election subversion" case. In other words, he is under indictment for giving legal advice consistent with an...

Colorado House passes three radical gun control bills
Colorado Politics

House Democrats voted to pass three gun bills late on Saturday night, including one that would require gun owners to obtain a liability insurance policy for their firearms...

House Bill 1270 mandates that firearm owners must have liability insurance and requires insurance companies to offer firearm liability coverage...

The left's assault on American patriotism
Complete Colorado

The conventional definition of patriotism is love for and loyalty to one's country...

What has doused that American spirit? The American left.

It’s been a long slog but I’d trace its roots to the 1960s and 70s with the emergence of what came to be called the "New Left." Violent political demonstrations from...

Time to Rethink Your Never Trumpism

Okay, my Trump-shy friends, it’s time to put aside your fussy principles about how icky Donald Trump is. This is serious, and we need all hands on deck to throw Biden overboard before he gets a whole lot more Americans killed. I get that you don’t like Trump. Let’s agree that he’s icky for the purposes of this discussion...

Updates on the Invasion of Europe

Video: The French Discover 'Hyperviolence'. Some even know what causes it. By Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, 18 April 2024:


An Honest Muslim: Anjem Choudary (Video). RAIR Foundation, 14 May 2024:

Prophet Muhammad says Muslims in a position of strength should impose three choices on non-...

Democrats Mob Rule: Maine Abolishes Electoral College

“If it was not for the brilliant concept of the Electoral College, every Presidential election would be decided by only three for four urban areas.” (commenter)

‘Unlimited majority rule is an instance of the principle of tyranny.’

‘Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to...

NPR makes the case for its own defunding
American Thinker

The NPR story gets more and more strange. Some of us were hoping for a little reflection and maybe rebranding from a woke playlist to more bipartisan  information. Instead, the woke circled the wagons and shot back.   
And poor Mr. Uri Berliner, who exposed NPR's monolithic leftism, is learning the hard way...

Mayorkas: No Measures to Block Illegal Aliens from Unlawfully Voting
"We Do Not Oversee the Election Enrollment Process"
Gateway Pundit

The embattled Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Mayorkas, admitted that his department has no mechanisms in place to prevent illegal immigrants [illegal alien invaders] from unlawfully registering and voting in U.S. elections...

The path non-citizens who cross our border illegally take...

We Now Know Where The Biden Regime Has Been Flying Illegal Aliens
A House committee data release confirms a CIS report, and offers additional information
Center for Immigration Studies

... Americans can now know the locations of 45 U.S. cities whose domestic airports have received flights carrying hundreds of thousands of inadmissible aliens the Biden administration authorized to fly over the border into the interior of the country but then determinedly fought to shield from public knowledge.


'Bidenbucks' Make 'Zuckbucks' Look Like Chump Change
The Federalist

Election integrity watchdogs say private funds in elections pale in comparison to what Biden has wrought through the power of his pen.

Earlier this month, Wisconsin became the 28th state to tell Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the private-money-in-elections mob to go Zuck themselves - and for good reason...

Video: The Real Reason Republicans Aren't Stopping the Invasion

The Real Reason Republicans Aren’t Stopping the Invasion


Cloward-Piven strategy - fundamentally transforming America

Obama, 'Biden Doctrine' fundamentally transforming America

The Third Fall of Rome

The Great Replacement Is an Electoral Strategy

The Democrats' Long...

Supercharging Mass Migration From The Middle East
$3.5 Billion Slipped Into Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill
Zero Hedge

Tucked away in the $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is a $3.5 billion slush fund to open new processing centers for Muslim migrants, in what Sen. Eric Schmitt described as a bid to "supercharge mass migration from the Middle East."...

And as Breitbart points out, the $95 billion package...

Schedule F Won't Tame the Deep State
There is no magic button. Trump would have to go further than even allies assume.
American Conservative

... Today, the civil bureaucracy is not creative, accomplished, or even responsive to the president; it is stagnant and a drag on the country, and it is no wonder. Rather than being staffed with regular Americans chosen for their ideas or leadership capability by a duly enacted president, the bureaucracy of today is composed...

Denver Mayor Defunding Police, Fire Depts to Pay for More Illegal Alien Services

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston proposes defunding the city’s police and fire departments to put more cash to house and care for illegals as the city continues to drown in a wave of illegal aliens and the costs wash over the Mile High City like a tidal wave.

The city is not only increasing its spending on free food,...

Colorado County Sues State For Banning Local Enforcement Of Immigration Laws
The Federalist

Colorado’s sixth-most populous county is suing the state over a pair of laws that prohibit local governments from assisting federal officials with immigration enforcement. On Monday, commissioners for Douglas County, an affluent suburban area located between Denver and Colorado Springs, gave a press conference with community...

Colorado gun control bills aimed at racial minorities
Complete Colorado

...  The legislature is making clear that Black and Brown people, since they are statistically poorer, shouldn’t own firearms, or at least should face a substantially higher hurdle to exercise this right.

Despite whatever flowery words they use to describe it, their actions assert White upper-class citizens can be...

Colorado lawmakers push state permitting for gun sellers; federal license already required
Complete Colorado

... Majority Democrats in the Colorado legislature continue to introduce one gun rights restricting bill after another, with the latest being a state permitting scheme for gun dealers.

House Bill 24-1353, Firearms Dealer Requirements & Permit, was introduced on February 29 and is sponsored in the House by...

Democrats Used a Bold Strategy to Turn Colorado Blue
Now the GOP Wants to Win It Back
Epoch Times

... Younger generations may find this hard to believe, but two decades ago, the Centennial State was controlled by Republicans at almost all levels...

Today, Colorado’s governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and treasurer are Democrats, as are both its U.S. senators and most of its U.S....

RFK Got It Right on Biden
Biden smugly refuses to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
American Mind

When presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told CNN last week that he sees... Joe Biden as a greater threat to democracy than Donald Trump, mainstream media, academics, and elected Democrats exploded in vitriol.

Speaking on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Kennedy said, “I can make the argument that President Biden...

FISA Reform Failed: The Whole Point Of Section 702 Is To Spy On Americans
The Federalist

The whole point of Section 702 is to spy on Americans. Why would the intelligence community want to reform it?...

A group of 19 Republican lawmakers on Wednesday joined with Democrats to block a bill that would have reauthorized the federal government’s spying authority with a few minor tweaks. At issue is Section 702...

Video: Tucker Carlson Encounter: Dr. Naomi Wolf

Video Tucker Carlson Encounter: Dr. Naomi Wolf - on the China Virus, tyranny, and religion. A full hour video. If you are short for time, watch the first 15 to 30 minutes.



Commentary from Vlad Tepes blog:

This is quite enjoyable. But I think Tucker is way off on his attempt to nail a...

42 Questions Trump Jury Pool Must Answer (To Skew The Jury) in Rigged Trial
Geller Report

... Trump must attend the trial every day because this is a criminal case in New York’s  kangaroo court. This lengthy trial will keep Trump off the campaign trail. This is by design.

Keep in mind that this Kafkaesque trial is based entirely on lies...

Potential Trump hush money trial jurors being asked 42...

Is The Great Illusion In Ruins?

In 2021, Joe Biden was elected...

Americans were then set to witness a great experiment. For the first time in their lives, a truly radical socialist program would supposedly fundamentally transform the way America dealt with the border, immigration, the economy, race relations, foreign policy, energy, law enforcement...

What has gone disastrously wrong with Boeing
It's an Empty Executive Suite
City Journal

Boeing is - or was - a great company. From its manufacturing plants in Seattle, it produced the world’s most reliable, efficient aircraft. But after merging with McDonnell Douglas, shifting production around the world, and moving its headquarters to Chicago and then Arlington, Virginia, the Boeing Company has been adrift...

Democrats Move To Prevent Trump From Firing Disloyal Federal Employees

... The law is nothing more than words on a piece of paper. It takes a person (usually a man) to go out and actually implement it. Which brings us to "Personnel is policy." For some reason, government bureaucrats lean overwhelmingly left. Obama before him and now Biden are trying to hire and keep in place as many far Leftist...

Invasion Alert

... if we are libertarians, don’t we have to defend "open borders"? I will argue that we don’t.

One of the most obvious reasons mass immigration is a problem is its immense cost - hundreds of billions of dollars. A post from November 2023 that appeared on Judicial Watch explains:

“Mass illegal immigration...

Virtue signaling hits the fan on immigration
Denver Gazette

... For 15 months, City Hall has grappled with supporting the influx of 40,000 illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] from South and Central America.

The resulting financial storm has drained Denver taxpayers of $63 million... With just $14 million reimbursed by the state and federal governments [by taxpayers], city...

Obama, 'Biden Doctrine' fundamentally transforming America
American Thinker

... Obama often spoke of the "fundamental transformation" of America. What the (former?) president didn’t explicitly state, and what some still fail to understand, is that the Democrat party has been fundamentally transformed in recent large part due to his efforts. It, in turn, has fundamentally transformed the...

NYAG Letitia James Crucifies VDare in Lawfare Attack

I launched on Christmas Eve 1999. So it is perhaps appropriate that, on Good Friday 2024, the anniversary of Christ's death, I must announce's crucifixion by New York State's communist Attorney General Letitia James.

On March 27, 2024, in another of her lightning-fast NYAG James-compliant rulings,...

If You Liked the Fairness Doctrine, You'll Love Net Neutrality

... the word “fairness” can be used as a trick to cloak unfairness. By the same token, the word “neutrality” can be used as a cover for bias and discrimination. It’s all about words and power—and the U.S. government is good at manipulating both...

Case in point: the “Fairness Doctrine.” That nice-sounding rule, which...

Marxism: the Next Generation
A new book traces the genealogy of wokeness.
Front Page Magazine

If more Americans had been familiar a couple of decades ago with the history recounted in the pages of Next Gen Marxism... a lot would be different. For one thing, Barack Obama would almost certainly never have been elected president. Fewer people would've been suckered into the George Floyd hysteria...

For the...

Voter Registration Without Photo ID Surges in Key Swing States: Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas
Gateway Pundit

A significant uptick has been reported in voter registrations without a photo ID in three critical swing states: Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

The conservative advocacy group End Wokeness brought this trend to light on Tuesday, citing figures that point to a surge since the start of 2024, with Texas experiencing a...

Colorado Dems push sweeping gun control laws - flying under radar
'Public is fed up'

Colorado Democrats are pushing a series of gun control bills that mirror policies in liberal states such as California but have overwhelmingly flown under the radar in the media, Second Amendment experts say.

"This should be making national news as it doesn’t just impact Colorado, but the nation as a whole," Ava...

Florida Receives Bulk of Illegal Alien Flights - video
Real American's Voice

In an alarming new report, @CIS_org  Senior National Security Fellow @BensmanTodd

says Florida is the top state receiving and processing illegals who have been allowed to fly to U.S. airports under the Biden administration’s parole and release program: “We haven’t heard a word about any of this from the governor...

Denver Official Caught On Tape Begging Illegals To Leave Sanctuary City
Zero Hedge

A top Denver official was caught on tape in a local migrant shelter begging illegals to go to other cities, as Denver - a so-called 'sanctuary city,' can't support them.

"The opportunities are over," said Mayor Mike Johnson's political director Andres Carrera, who also serves as the city's Newcomer Communications...

Antony Blinken Announces WWIII
Vectoring Dangerously
James Howard Kunstler

... Antony Blinken, our Secretary of State, who announced yesterday that Ukraine will get rushed into NATO ASAP. Do you understand that would mean a direct, automatic, peremptory declaration of war against Russia, requiring all of NATO - that is, their combined militaries - to go kinetic inside Ukraine and theoretically...

The Third Fall of Rome
American Thinker

The world is changing. In the West, we are no longer the same as we once were and doubt our right to be here. Sensing our weakness, "barbarians" from afar multiply at our borders (i.e. along the Rio Grande and in the Balkans). Harbingers of chaos, they crowd together and push to get inside. Of course, they are not deterred...

It's Time for an Immigration Moratorium
Thomas D. Klingenstein

Editor’s Note: America is being attacked by a revolutionary regime intent on destroying the American way of life. This regime believes that a just society is based, not on individual merit, but on group quotas; hence we call this regime the “group quota regime.” Like all revolutionary regimes, the group quota regime must...

The RINO Plan To Ban Trump From The 2024 Ballot Is Underway
Slingshot News

[Mike] Gallagher [R-WI]  joins the ranks of 14 other House Republicans who have also announced that they will not seek re-election heading into 2024. That list includes,

Debbie Lesko (AZ-8)
Kay Granger (TX-12) Brad Wenstrup (OH-2) Michael Burgess (TX-26)
Patrick McHenry (NC-10) Drew Ferguson (GA-3) Doug...
Slowly Suffocating Assange
Consortium News

The High Court of England and Wales has ruled that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may potentially get a final appeal against extradition to the United States, but only within a very limited scope and only if specific conditions are met.

The court ruled that Assange may appeal only on the grounds that his freedom of...

Colorado Democrats Push Multiple Gun Control Bills
Bearing Arms

... the Democrat-controlled House could still consider a bill banning so-called assault weapons in the coming days, while more anti-gun bills are scheduled for hearings and votes in committees. 

The gun ban bill has already cleared the House Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote (albeit with some minor changes),...

Colorado Senate Bill 131; creating safe zones for mass shooters
Complete Colorado

(Editor’s note: The following is written testimony of David B. Kopel on Colorado Senate Bill 24-131, which puts the lawful carry of firearms off-limit in numerous so-called “sensitive spaces.” Submitted to the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee.)

Senate Bill 24-131 proposes to criminalize licensed carry in many...

How Many Millions of Illegal Aliens Does the Democrat Party Need to Destroy America?
Mark A. Hewitt

...When I moved to Washington, D.C., no longer with the Border Patrol, every year I heard reports from the networks or in the Washington Times reports of the number of illegal aliens in the country, and every year I would say B.S. because I had been there in Del Rio, collecting annual performance data, where the numbers of...

Hundreds of thousands of alien deportation cases dismissed: failure to file paperwork
This was no accident
Law Enforcement Today

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has failed to file thousands of notices to appear (NTAs), leading to immigration judges dismissing thousands of deportation cases under Joe Biden’s administration...

Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas are reportedly at the top of the list of case dismissals with more than half...

Not Your Grandpa's Democrat Party Anymore

Older voters need to open their eyes.

The Democratic Party has drastically moved to the left...

The core of elected Democrats, at local, state, and federal level have pushed so far to the left that it's hard to tell where Democratic stops, and Socialist/Communist begins.

Coincidentally, in the decades...

The Buck Stops in Northern Colorado
American Thinker

... Another Buck recently stopped in northern Colorado, specifically U.S. House Rep. Ken Buck, who a few months after announcing that he would not seek reelection after serving his fifth and current House term, last week announced his abrupt resignation at the end of the following week...

McCarthy’s resignation...

The Covid Experiment
The Burning Platform

The "covid experiment" was a masterclass in the use of authority to coerce, intimidate, and compel the ignorant masses into conforming to made up rules and regulations regarding lockdowns, masks, social distancing, the use of safe and effective medicines like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and ultimately forcing an...

House Bill 1292; fabrications abound in unconstitutional 'assault weapon' ban
Complete Colorado

(Editor's note: The following is written testimony of David B. Kopel on Colorado House Bill 24-1292, which would prohibit numerous types of firearms in Colorado, submitted to the Colorado House Judiciary Committee.)

Some of the factual findings of HB24-1292 are fabrications, as will be described in Part I. The bill's...

The American Nation: Identity

Note from the Editors: This dialogue is a follow up to Lafayette Lee & Darryl Cooper's The American Nation: Ethnogenesis, contained in our fourth print edition.

Lafayette Lee & Darryl Cooper debate Scott Greer & Benjamin Roberts on White Identity.

Lafayette Lee: In our recent dialogue, Darryl Cooper...

Colorado Democrats wage war on peaceable gun owners
Complete Colorado

... You’ll never guess which section of the Colorado statutes is modified by House Bill 1348 concerning the storage of a firearm in a vehicle. Yep: It’s Article 12 of Title 18, the very section that Senate Bill 3 would give the CBI primary authority to enforce.

The drafting of this bill is exceedingly stupid, and that...

Col Douglas Macgregor's Profound Response to Biden's SOTU Speech
- Profoundly Accurate and Important
The Last Refuge

Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor delivers a surprisingly accurate response to the situation created by Joe Biden as espoused in the 2024 State of the Union address. I cannot emphasize the value of these remarks strongly enough...

There is an information war against what Macgregor describes in the beginning of these...

They're Going to STEAL the Election

Tucker Carlson: "They're Going to STEAL the Election"

"Joe Biden can't win in a fair election," said @TuckerCarlson

"So what does that tell you?" he asked.

"Well, they're going to steal the election. And we know they're going to steal the election because they're now saying so out loud."


The Party of Chaos Blows Its Cover - Ukraine Conflict Updates
Putin Ushers In The New Geopolitical Game Board

Ukraine Conflict Daily Updates, Institute for the Study of War.

"Here's something you must understand. We were not given any opportunity to act differently." - Vladimir Putin


Russia Is About To Overrun Ukraine’s Defenses – Why Are There No Peace Negotiations? by Brandon Smith, Alt Market, 15 May 2024.


Ballot busting

This was not just election fraud, it was a coup.

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything - Joseph Stalin The only thing we did on Election Day was tell them how many votes they needed on Election Night. - Andy Swan (@AndySwan) November 4,...
Garfield County Commissioners pass resolution declaring the county as ‘non-sanctuary
Post Independent

The Garfield Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution declaring Garfield County as a “non-sanctuary county for undocumented immigrants” [illegal alien invaders] during their regular meeting on Monday...

Page three of the resolution more clearly states its ramifications: “Now, therefore, be it resolved that...

Biden secretly dumped 320,000 'inadmissible' illegal aliens into US cities
The Gazette

... a new investigation showing that... Joe Biden has secretly flown hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants [illegal alien invaders] from Latin American airports to 43 U.S. cities.

The unusual program, kept from the public, involved at least 320,000 illegal immigrants the administration admits are "inadmissible”"...

Where illegal aliens go AFTER they cross the border: 21,000 Chinese nationals rushed to New York
Daily Mail

Texas has bussed more than 105,300 migrants [illegal alien invaders] to sanctuary cities around the US since it launched its program to move them out of the state.

The first busload of migrants from the Lone Star State arrived in Washington, DC in April 2022 a few blocks from the US Capitol and just directly in from...

Arizona Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote is Not Discriminatory - Judicial Ruling
Gateway Pundit

A federal judge ruled earlier this month against the Biden DOJ and leftist groups in their lawsuit to stop Arizona election integrity laws that require proof of citizenship and prevent voters from voting in multiple states.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Arizona Republicans passed HB2492, introduced by ...

Their goal is CIVIL WAR in the U.S. - Americans vs Illegal Aliens - video

Their goal is CIVIL WAR in the U.S. - Americans vs Illegal Aliens - video. Journalists Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel join us to discuss the on going border crisis and new revelations about a government coverup in the Darien Gap.



Tucker Carlson with Bret Weinstein at the Darien Gap...

Wake-up Call

Can you feel it? The tension rising to the red-line? It runs clear through all of Western Civ. We are ruled by governments of fiends...

The two traditional political divisions, liberal and conservative died with Covid. Now there are simply the sane versus the insane...

That the insane call themselves "...

India Takes a Stand: Banning Sharia While Europe Surrenders to Islamic Law
RAIR Foundation

"Incorporating Sharia Law into European Legal Systems" vs A State in India Bans Sharia

Lawmakers in an Indian state… have approved landmark legislation to… [ban] discrimination against women based on Islamic sharia law… personal laws that would be common for all citizens, regardless of religion. Replacing sharia law...
Tucker Carlson interview with the Qanon Shaman - video

Why the Left Wants Jacob Chansley Dead.

They told us Jake Chansley, the QAnon Shaman, was a dangerous lunatic who deserved to be sent to prison, if not shot to death. Many believed it. But is he actually crazy? Judge for yourself.

The following is the first 13 minutes of this interesting video. Watch the entire...

One Angry Biden Lie After Another

It's worth listening to Victor Davis Hanson's calm and reasoned response with Tucker Carlson regarding Biden's SOTU address:

Victor Davis Hanson discusses with Tucker Carlson, Joe Biden's SOTU address.
Never has he seen a more angry speech to our country.
Credit: these two...

SPLC Fought Reforms That Might Have Prevented Laken Riley's Death
Daily Signal

The Southern Poverty Law Center has repeatedly opposed Georgia bills that would require local law enforcement to report illegal aliens to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement if they are charged with or convicted of other crimes. This activism has drawn renewed scrutiny in the wake of Laken Riley’s killing, allegedly at...

US Supreme Court Spanks Colorado
SCOTUS Unanimous: States Can’t Boot Trump From Ballot

Colorado cannot disqualify former President Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballot, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday.

In a historic ruling, the Supreme Court said only Congress can disqualify a candidate from the ballot using the Fourteenth Amendment’s “Insurrection Clause,” overturning a 4-3...

Free press under fire
Steve Baker's battle ... and ours
The Blaze

This is the type of journalist America needs right now. This is the kind of man America needs right now.

Steve Baker is an investigative reporter for Blaze News. He's been working on investigating the holes in the narrative of what happened on January 6... And on Friday morning, he turned himself in to the FBI. They...

Tucker Carlson with Bret Weinstein at the Darien Gap - recommended video

Tucker Carlson has produced an eminently important interview with evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein who traveled to the Darien Gap in the Pan American Highway in Panama to witness the migration / invasion of illegal aliens from all over the world to America - including large numbers of invaders from China.

This in...

Colorado Democrats Block Legislation Punishing Child Sex Traffickers - Suggest Criminals Are Also Victims
Zero Hedge

While conservative states like Florida have passed legislation to institute the death penalty for criminals guilty of child sexual abuse and child trafficking, it's becoming more and more difficult in blue states to punish pedophiles at all. No other issue so fully reflects the growing rift between the political left and...

The Democrats' Long Game for 2030 Census
American Thinker

... Take the next decennial census in 2030, as an example. That may seem distant, but if the next party to occupy the White House serves two terms, it will occur in that second term. If a younger Democrat replaces Biden on the ticket, as many are speculating, then that person could be in a position to influence the next...

Stunning 10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden
Tucker Warns They Are "Destroying" The Country

A record 7.3 million illegal aliens have crossed the southwest border under... Biden's watch, a number which according to Fox greater than the population of 36 individual states.

That figure is sourced from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which has already reported 961,537 Southwest land border...

Denver to Furlough Workers to Hire Illegal Alienss
Hot Air

No, it's not a joke.

The City of Denver has informed workers that it may be furloughing them--technically still employing them at 0 hours of work--to illegally hire illegal aliens without work permits.

You can't make this s**t up.

Denver Government May Furlough Its...

Election Jihad: Islamic Groups are Hijacking Our Elections
Front Page Magazine

[Front Page Magazine editor’s note: “Election Jihad” is a new report from the David Horowitz Freedom Center that exposes how Islamic political machines are transforming American legislatures state by state. And what we can do about it. order it here.]

... The response in state legislatures to the Hamas Islamic terror...

9 Ways The Feds Are Using 'Bidenbucks' To Rig The 2024 Election
The Federalist

Joe Biden is using taxpayer money to run a highly partisan get-out-the-vote operation designed to rig the 2024 election in Democrats’ favor.

Nearly three years have passed since President Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14019, an overreaching directive aimed at inserting the federal government into state election...

Cities Across U.S. See Surge of Violent Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens
American Greatness

A rash of horrific crimes committed by illegal immigrants [illegal alien invaders] across the country in the past few weeks has many Americans on edge. While most illegal aliens come to the United States seeking a better life, the massive increase in illegal immigration under the Biden Regime has brought with it an increase...

Trudeau Wants to Criminalize Words with Canadian Hate Speech Bill
and no one is safe from his wrath
Rebel News

On Monday, the Trudeau Liberals tabled Bill C-63, An Act to enact the Online Harms Act, in Parliament to protect Canadians from accessing 'harmful content' online.

It claims benevolence but ultimately crushes our freedoms to protect Canadians from a 'far-right' boogeyman...

Ultimately, Trudeau's censorship law...

How Progressive Policies are Designed for Civilizational Suicide
American Greatness

Evidence now clearly establishes that moderate liberals should face reality and reject the policies of the progressive vanguard, leading them to civilizational suicide...

... it is understandable that many are inclined to believe that our country’s current serious problems are, once again, merely the failed result of...

The Causes of the Latest Border Crisis, and How to Fix It
American Affairs Journal

How did illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border become the mess that it is? U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) encounters with migrants averaged under 600,000 in fiscal years 2010-20, but tripled in fiscal 2021, the year Biden took office, to a record of nearly 1.9 million, and reached 3.2 million in fiscal 2023...

'Biden created this illegal migrant invasion and only I can stop it' - Donald Trump
Daily Mail

[Originally published 29 February 2024.]

Today, I am visiting our wide-open Southern border to witness the annihilation of American sovereignty being carried out at Joe Biden's orders.

In a last-minute trip, Biden is chasing me to the border, no doubt desperate to shirk blame for the catastrophe he has caused...

Video: far worse than 9/11 and they are hiding it

Elon Musk says what the Biden administration is doing at the U.S. border is worse than the 9/11 attacks. New documents reveal the Biden administration has been flying illegal immigrants to different parts of the country but they won't reveal where! This is an invasion pure and simple.



Concealed carry keeps growing in Colorado; over twenty-five thousand new permits in 2023
Complete Colorado

... While majority Democrats in the state legislature push for new restrictions on the lawful carrying of concealed handguns, new data shows 25,218 Colorado adults subjected themselves to the scrutiny already required to become new concealed handgun permit (CHP) holders in 2023, while another 36,291 renewed existing permits...

If This Is 'Christian Nationalism,' Sign Me Up!
The Federalist

The other day, Politico writer Heidi Przybyla appeared on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” to talk about the hysteria de jour, “Christian nationalism.”... What makes “Christian nationalists” different, she went on, was that they believe “our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority.”...

South Africa as an Unintended Example
Not the lessons they want us to learn
The Neo-Ciceronian Times

... The Powers That Be trying to use Great Replacement immigration to recreate South African demographic conditions in the USA and other Western countries.

If you rely on the mainstream media for your news, then the chances are that you never even heard about the events in South Africa that took place roughly three...

The End of Assimilation
Americn Thinker

America's open borders have put huge strains on our social services, schools, and police departments, let alone facilitating drug addiction and human sex-trafficking. Donald Trump has promised to shut the door on day one of his administration, but even if Trump is elected, the damage will continue for decades...


No Borders? No America
The Burning Platform

Americans had better act soon, with or without Congress and with or without the Border Patrol to stop the current flood of illegal invaders across our Southern Border, because the Biden regime has no intention of ever stopping the invasion. To wait and ponder the crisis in the hopes that Donald Trump can stop it, if he wins...

The Heroic Julian Assange

Julian Assange may soon be extradited to the United States, where he will face prosecution that could end in his imprisonment for life. He is in fact a hero, who should be honored rather than punished. American foreign policy is based on the pursuit of global hegemony and to achieve this goal, our “leaders” engage in torture...

George Soros Buying Hundreds of Radio Stations Ahead of 2024 Election
Gateway Pundit

George Soros, the left’s favorite billionaire, is buying up American radio stations by the hundreds, ahead of the 2024 election.

This is obviously part of a strategy, because that’s what Soros does. He hatches backdoor plans to exert influence over American politics. A few years back, he pumped a ton of cash into...