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As noncitizens cast ballots, 'Motor Voter' law needs reform
Washington Examiner

Illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] and other noncitizens should not be voting in U.S. elections. Alas, too many do.

When Rep. Bob Livingston of Louisiana led Republican opposition to what was nicknamed the “Motor Voter” bill in 1993, he dubbed it “Auto Fraudo." Thirty years to the week after President Bill Clinton...

Introduction to Agenda 2030
The Burning Platform

Isn’t it interesting how there are almost no public discussions about habitat destruction, extinction events, chemical spills or pollutants, pesticides, herbicides and loss of forested areas. You know, the types of ecological disasters that might be man made and just might be caused by corporations, as well as other man-made...

Divisive Societal Collectivism: a Primary Driver of Total Control
American thinker

The might of the State relies exclusively on the destruction of the individual, and participation, acceptance, allowance, and support of State as god, by the collective members of ‘society,’ who have succumbed to the State’s efforts to divide them into a multitude of groups at odds with every other group...


Rethinking Globalization
America established the New World Order, and America can dismantle it
American Mind

... As political strategist Peter Zeihan explores in his book The End of the World Is Just the Beginning, so much of what determines the world economy is a vast and complex global system instituted and maintained by the United States after World War II. To ensure world peace as well as counteract the spread of communism, the...

Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side
The Federalist

Bud Light enlists a trans ladyface minstrel to sell beer. Target hires a trans Satanist to design LGBT clothes for kids and starts selling “binding” and “tucking” swimwear. North Face launches a marketing campaign featuring a creepy drag performer hocking LGBT gear to children ages 2 to 7. The Los Angeles Dodgers gives an...

George Floyd and the "Color" of Revolution
The age of any revolution is five years. After that, either its participants have wandered off, dismayed by failure, or else have succeeded and become an establishment, generally more tyrannous than the one they displaced. Hakim Felix Ellellou from John Updike's The Coup...

Obvious to Robespierre, and then to Pol Pot, was...

Why Kari Lake Couldn't Close the Deal
Republicans don't embrace real time. The RNC, the Trump Campaign, the Lake Campaign continue to fail with batch computer systems using 1970s technology.
American Thinker

... This week, Kari Lake lost, again, in a court that wouldn't have given her a victory had 240,000 citizens signed affidavits saying their ballots were stolen and changed at gunpoint...

Kari lost because she is naturally gifted and could upend established order. The leftists pulled out all the stops — just like 2020...

SPLC's True Agenda Is the Destruction of America’s Culture

... the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has raised hundreds of millions of dollars with which it has leveled countless legal and public relations attacks against various “hate groups.” 

Money aside, however, the SPLC is today a shell of its former self, beset with internal unrest and displaying a muddled focus......

The Taco Truck Delusion
Six months in Mexico taught me what a Latin American future for the USA really entails.
American Conservative

Five years ago, a 20-year-old college student in Iowa named Mollie Tibbetts vanished while jogging. Police soon found her decomposing body in a cornfield, stabbed to death. A 24-year-old illegal farmhand from Mexico was convicted for the murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole...

Mollie’s father went out...

Looking Ahead to 2050: Roger Devlin At The Scandza Forum

Roger Devlin spoke at this year’s Scandza Forum (Odysee video available here for $5.00) the same forum Jared Taylor was not allowed to attend.

... Most of you are probably aware that Americans of European descent are currently expected to make up less than half of the United States population by around the middle of...

Send Them Back
We are witnessing the most malicious voter registration campaign in human history.
American Greatness

Only a country that has lost the will to survive would tolerate the invasion underway all across America. There is no longer a southern border to speak of... The lowly citizen has been trampled underfoot to make lebensraum for the hallowed “asylum seeker,” [illegal alien] whose conquering steps are greeted with suppliant...

Radical Islam Is Biggest Terrorism Threat in Europe, French Minister Declares

Radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terrorism threat facing Europe, a senior French minister has reaffirmed.

Gérald Darmanin, France’s Minister of the Interior, has declared that radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terror threat facing Europe.

The minister made the claim ahead during a visit to the...

When We Are the Minority
Things are about to get harder.
American Greatness

... This rapid onset of disunity has many causes: the education system, the enormous numbers of newcomers, economic precarity, and bad outcomes that have discredited authorities. Traditional unifying values are still held by older people, but every day comparatively conservative Baby Boomers pass away and new Zoomers turn 18...

The FBI Must Be Held Accountable for Russiagate
Lew Rockwell

The long awaited US Justice Department “Russiagate” report by Special Counsel John Durham exonerated President Donald Trump from false charges and performed the important public service of making law and order conservatives aware that their beloved FBI is a criminal agency that created a false narrative for the purpose of...

Sanctuary City of Denver Feeling the Strain of Illegal Immigration
Sanctuary city officials say they're strapped for cash as available shelters and resources run thin with hundreds of new arrivals
Epoch Times

... Since December, the city has spent more than $16 million serving over 10,000 illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] needing food, clothing, housing, and transportation to other destination cities...

On May 8, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Colorado Gov. Jared Polis penned a letter to the U.S. Department of Homeland...

FBI, DOJ, and CIA rigged the last 2 elections... and they will rig 2024
American Thinker

Former deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland, who worked for General Michael Flynn – unjustly forced from office, offers a chilling and highly realistic view of what we face: a coup by the deep state that they are planning to repeat in 2024 because they don't want their crimes prosecuted by a Republican president...

The United States Has Been Destroyed by Its Ruling Elites

... It has been clear for a long time that the list of fake charges against Trump, supported by the media, are propaganda to prevent Trump again running for President and to teach all future potential presidential candidates that they will be destroyed if they attempt to represent the people instead of the unelected ruling...

Ballot busting

This was not just election fraud, it was a coup.

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything - Joseph Stalin The only thing we did on Election Day was tell them how many votes they needed on Election Night. - Andy Swan (@AndySwan) November 4,...
Denver Sanctuary City hits 10,000 illegal aliens during 5-month stretch
Colorado politics

Denver hit a new milestone Wednesday in the humanitarian crisis that now has seen more than 10,000 immigrants [illegal aliens] come to Denver over the past five months...

Hancock added, “However, Denver’s resources are not bottomless, and we continue to call on the federal government to send aid to cities across the...

Ready for leftists to wreck your neighborhood?
American Thinker

... The Biden administration is fostering the decline of those outer areas by using the Housing and Urban Development agency to force suburbs to accept high-density "affordable housing."

For several decades, one of the major dreams of the middle class has been to own a home in the suburbs. Now, under the guise of...

Video: Biden's Border Chaos - Stephen Miller, Liz Wolfe, and Sara Gonzales
The Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly is joined by Stephen Miller, founder of America First Legal, to talk about the end of Title 42 and the dangerous consequences of an influx of illegal aliens into America, how border policies transform a state’s political landscape, the true motivation of the activists driving the policy and what will...

Durham Report Vindicates Mark Levin, Breitbart on FBI Trump Spying

Monday’s report of Special Counsel John H. Durham on the FBI’s investigation of false “Russia collusion” allegations vindicates reporting and analysis in March 2017 by conservative radio host Mark Levin.

On his March 2, 2017 broadcast, Levin pieced together evidence from published reports in the mainstream media to...

Deep State's Catch-22 strategy to cover spying on Sharyl Attkisson
American Thinker

We’ve been covering the incredible story of Sharyl Attkisson, the award-winning journalist, who discovered that her computer was being not just spied-upon but remotely taken over by the federal government. This was ten years ago, as she was reporting on the Fast & Furious Scandal for CBS News. She recorded video of her...

Do Whites Also Deserve Reparations?
Epoch Times

... In early May, California’s reparations task force approved recommendations that could see some black residents receive $1.2 million each as compensation for slavery and racial discrimination...

In a piece for Salon, a hyper-progressive online magazine, [Duke University professor William] Talty discussed the fact...

SPLC ‘Laying the Groundwork’ for Government to Silence Conservatives, Catholic Warns
Daily Signal

The FBI appears, at least briefly, to have joined the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attempt to demonize Roman Catholics who follow the church’s teachings on marriage and who celebrate the Latin Mass, in a move one traditional Catholic leader calls both embarrassing and foreboding...

As I wrote in my book “Making Hate...

The Cargo Cult Mentality Behind "White Privilege"
Reality is more than just superficial appearances
Neo-Ciceronian Times

Many of us are familiar with the metaphor of the “cargo cult.” The term itself was coined by the famous physicist Richard Feynman...

Briefly, the phenomenon of the cargo cult was observed in the South Pacific during World War II. Pacific Islanders would observe the Americans building runways and control towers... The...

Biden DHS Coordinating Illegal Immigration In-Flows with Mexico
A striking level of collusion, as Biden's officers use an encrypted online chat room to tell Mexico when to let migrants swim across
Center for Immigration Studies

In recent days, large crowds of immigrants have formed on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande fully prepared to swim over well-worn crossing spots to Brownsville – but seemingly held back by unarmed Mexican immigration officials.

Over the course of several recent days in this northeastern Mexican city when perhaps 3,...

Where is the outrage with black racist killings against White people?
Washington Examiner

How many white people must die due to racism before the media and Democratic presidents and politicians start discussing them? After the incidents of the last few weeks, it’s an important question that needs answers. And it’s a recurring omission that we should all be tired of happening at this point.

You’ve probably...

Netherlands: Man walking his dog attacked by African Muslim thugs: video
Bare Naked Islam

The Dutchman was minding his own business, out walking his dog, when suddenly he was surrounded by African migrants, likely Muslims, well-known for their hatred of dogs. After harassing the man, they knocked him to the ground.


The Orchestrated Islamist Invasion of Germany, France, England - ...

Despite Globalist Intimidation, Japan Moves Ahead With Refugee Restriction Bill

Globohomo has long been on the warpath against Japan, perhaps the only wealthy nation-state in the First World that has maintained its ethnic, linguistic, and cultural unity by avoiding mass immigration and the ensuing societal collapse that inevitably accompanies it. Whether it is refugees, cheap foreign labor, or family-...

The Voter Registration Machine Flipping the States Blue
American Greatness

In modern elections, the candidate who can turn out the bigger base is usually the winner. Put differently, the campaign with better voter data holds the trump card.

For more than a decade now, Democrats unquestionably have owned that trump card and used it to carve deep inroads into once solidly red states such as...

9 Biden family members who received millions from foreign wire transfers via sham corporations

...  According to the House findings these are the family members who received foreign wires:

1. Hunter Biden
2. James Biden
3. Sara Biden
4. Hallie Biden
5. Kathleen Biden
6. Melissa Biden
7. Niece/nephew
8. Niece/nephew
9. Grandchild... 

Apparently, the Biden...

Is Any 'One Culture Superior to Others'?
American thinker

... claiming all cultures are equal — is a dangerous position, not least as it leads to relativism and the abnegation of Truth. 

For most Western people today, the word culture conjures at best superficial differences — "exotic" dress or food. In reality, however, cultures are nothing less than entire and distinct...

Population Decline Will Change the World for the Better
A future with fewer people offers increased opportunity and a healthier environment
Scientific American

China's population has fallen after decades of sky-high growth. This major shift in the world's most populous country would be a big deal by itself, but China's hardly alone in its declining numbers: despite the momentous occasion of the global population surpassing eight billion late last year, the United Nations predicts...

Challenging the Premise of Our Destruction
Claiming that anthropogenic CO2 will not cause catastrophic climate change is a credible, necessary point of view backed up by scientific evidence.
American Greatness

The most powerful and destructive perception in the world today is that using fossil fuels will cause catastrophic climate change. This belief, marketed by every major government and corporate institution in the Western world, is the foundational premise underlying a policy agenda of stunning indifference to the aspirations...

Greece Lengthens Border Fence

Greece keeps lengthening the fence along the Greek-Turkish border that happens to be the border of Europe as well.

The fence has already repeady repealed millions of illegal aliens.

It's 6 meters deep and 5 meters high. It is continuously guarded along its entire length.

The left tries to stop the EU...

Colorado Would Force Her to Create LGBTQ Wedding Websites. She’s Fighting Back.
Daily Signal

Graphic designer Lori Smith believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. She also wants to create wedding websites. Under Colorado’s discrimination laws, if she were to create wedding websites, she would be compelled to do so for same-sex weddings.

Represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, she has...

Biden's Atrocious Assange Policy
The WikiLeaks publisher is only guilty of one thing, writes James Bovard — violating the U.S. government’s divine right to blindfold the American people.
Consortium News

"A confident government that is unafraid of the truth embraces a free press,” proclaimed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. But he was referring only to the Chinese government crackdown on Hong Kong journalists early last year. Unfortunately, the Biden administration continues rushing to destroy one of the most important...

Colorado Democrats Seek Power to Block Social Media Users
Geller Report

Democrats are coming for your speech, your thoughts, your guns and then, you’re done. Game over.

Colorado politicians seek power to block social media users

DENVER (AP) — Colorado lawmakers pushed a bill to the governor’s desk that would allow politicians to block social media users from their private accounts...

Robert Kennedy Jr: America needs a revolution
The Burning Platform

RFK Jr: ... During the Covid lockdown, there was a $4.4 trillion shift in wealth from the American middle class to this new oligarchy that we created — 500 new billionaires with the lockdowns, and the billionaires that we already had increased their wealth by 30%....

If you look at the pharmaceutical industry in our...

Collapse At The Border Accelerating: Impeach Biden

It is getting worse at the border. We can say the border has collapsed, but it still can get worse. But only because the numbers of invaders will be growing. Nothing is stopping them. Not the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty, not Catch-And-Release, not lies from the Regime that the border is closed. Title 42 ended in practice...

Southern Poverty Law Center's ‘hate’ list suffers ‘monumental’ legal setback
Immigration group wins first round in challenge
The Washington Times

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s famous list of “hate” groups is under fire in a courtroom in Alabama, where a judge has opened the door for a group that opposes illegal immigration to challenge the SPLC for slapping it with the Scarlet H.

The Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society and founder D.A. King say they work...

Biden Regime Is Not Even Hiding It Anymore

The New York Times is celebrating the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty and indirectly admitting the lawlessness of the various subterfuges that increase illegal immigration. And the biggest beneficiary, the Slave Power, and certain Republicans are happy to drive down wages. And, per usual, the Lügenpresse just outright...

Colorado Democrat Governor Signs Four Gun Control Bills – Strengthen Red Flag Laws, Imposes 3-Day Waiting Period, Raises Age Requirement
Gateway Pundit

Despite the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision expanding Second Amendment rights, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D-CO) signed four gun control bills into law on Friday morning.

The new laws increase the age at which a person can legally purchase a firearm to 21, establishes a three-day waiting period, extends the...

Censorship of Tucker Carlson and the Struggle for Civilizational Sanity

Last Friday, I attended The Heritage Foundation's 50th Anniversary Gala... But the highlight of the evening, bar none, was former Fox News star Tucker Carlson's electric keynote address...

The relevant political and cultural battle lines in the year 2023 are not those befitting a civil and polite discussion where both...

How America destroyed its most distinguished living scientist
Honoring the 70th anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s structure

Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of one of the most remarkable scientific achievements in recent history—James Watson and Francis Crick’s co-discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA...

As with too many things in the contemporary Globalist American Empire, the remarkable and inspiring story of...

Biden Regime's 7 Year Prison Sentence for Green Beret Jan 6 Whistleblower Re-Opens Festering Wounds of Fedsurrection Lie

We at Revolver News have long maintained that the curious case of Ray Epps, together with the unbelievable official story pertaining to the January 6 “pipe bombs”, constitute the two smoking-guns of the January 6 Fedsurrection. The January 6 Fedsurrection doesn’t just have smoking guns, however — it also has a heroic...

Appeals Court rules in favor of Florida Anti-Sanctuary law - SB168
The attempt by SPLC and others to thwart immigration law at any cost has failed miserably!!

Court rejects challenge to 'Sanctuary Cities' law, CBS News, 18 April 2023:

... a federal appeals court Thursday tossed out a challenge to a 2019 immigration law that banned so-called sanctuary cities in Florida.

A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a ruling by a South...

Mainstream Media boycotting 'Final Battle'
Media (including Fox News) boycotting mention of David Horowitz’s bestselling new book
American Thinker

The book buying public may be snapping up copies of David Horowitz’s newest book: Final Battle: The Next Election Could be the Last, but the media’s cultural gatekeepers are doing their best to prevent more people from buying it. A shameful case of suppression of conservative thought is underway. Mark Tapson writes at Front...

Terrorism? Dairy Farm Explosion Kills 18,000 Cows
Geller Report

A Dozen Food Processing Plants Destroyed - add another to the list!

18,000 cows killed in explosion, fire at Texas dairy farm may be largest cattle killing ever, USA Today, 12 April 2023:

... After subduing the fire at the west Texas dairy farm Monday evening, officials were stunned at the scale of livestock...

Julian Assange Persecuted for Truth-Telling
Collateral Murder 13 Years On
Lew Rockwell

This month marks the 13th anniversary since the publication of the now globally renowned video known as “Collateral Murder”. The short video clip of approximately 39 minutes in duration shows the cold-blooded murder of 18 Iraqi civilians by American troops flying Apache helicopter gunships over Baghdad...

When “...

Project 2025 Lays Out a Plan to Dismantle the Deep State Under a Conservative President
Daily Signal

... The Heritage Foundation helped launch the 2025 Presidential Transition Project (also known as Project 2025) to avoid the pitfalls Trump faced in 2017...

While the Constitution makes it “abundantly clear” that the executive power of the U.S. government “is not vested in departments or agencies” but in the president...

Colorado governor gives the green light to genital mutilation
American Thinker

Governor Jared Polis (D) — who seems to be eyeing a run for president in 2024 — signed three bills on Friday, April 14, 2023, with much fanfare and doublespeak.  The bills make Colorado, a state that is already one of the most permissive about abortion, even more so, and they increase access to transgender surgery.


Housing mandates trade living choices for subsidized density
Complete Colorado

When discussing housing, it’s important to not lose sight of the effects of Proposition 123. The recently passed law directs hundreds of millions of dollars that would otherwise be refunded under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) towards high-density, subsidized housing starting now and moving forward...

After the...

Taxpayers to Spend Billions on Biden’s Obamacare for DACA Illegal Aliens

American taxpayers are likely to subsidize billions of dollars in Affordable Care Act benefits for illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program under a plan by... Joe Biden.

On Thursday... Joe Biden announced a plan to open the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare,...

Weaponized FBI Now Flagging Terms "Red Pill", "Based", and "Chad" as Extremist Terms
Geller report

The FBI list for terms associated with “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism” (RMVE) has a mix of extreme terms and innocuous ones...

FBI documents associate internet slang like ‘based’ and ‘red pill’ with ‘extremism’

The doc listed key terms associated with ‘Involuntarily Celibate’ and ‘Racially...

Trump’s Crime: Waging War Against Globalism

Tucker Carlson's March 31, 2023 show is excellent. It's worth watching in its entirety. The key section begins at 12 minutes when Tucker discusses Trump's persecution with Stephen Miller and Glenn Greenwald.

Watch the show.


Here is a partial transcript:

TUCKER CARLSON [at 12 minutes into his...

American Border: 10,000 Apprehensions in 48 Hours
Geller Report

What was once known as the Southern border of the United States is essentially nonexistent in this time of Biden regime misrule, and so it was no surprise Wednesday when Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz tweeted some figures showing just how bad the border area has become:

    Past 48 Hours…
    – 10,070...

Why the Great Reset Is Not 'Socialism'

[Originally published 30 November, 2022]

It has become increasingly common to hear those on what we may call the conventional right claim that the main threat facing the historic American nation and the American way of life is “socialism.” These warnings have grown with the rise of the so-called Great Reset,...

Four Reasons Why Classical Liberalism Ultimately Fails
It's time for the soft Right to come to terms with its inherent weakness
Neo-Ciceronian Times

The premise for this article might seem surprising to many who are used to believing that the Fukuyaman "end of history," with its proposed ultimate victory of liberal democracy and market capitalism, is a done deal...

... it is manifestly obvious that most of what is called "democracy" is a sham and most of what is...

Tucker Carlson Warns About Senate Bill 686, The Restrict Act, Framed Around TikTok But Focused on Domestic Online Censorship
Conservative Treehouse

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson did everyone a favor today by sending the warning about The Restrict Act, also known as Senate Bill 686 [SB686 HERE], also known as the bipartisan bill to empower the executive branch to shut down TikTok. {Direct Rumble Link}

The Restrict Act, has very little to do with TikTok and...

Senate Bill 213 land-use mandate just more big government
Complete Colorado

Ridding municipalities of zoning laws might sound seductive to advocates of limited-government, but that’s not what’s log-rolled into Senate Bill 213, the “More Housing Now” measure supported by pseudo libertarian Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

The governor claims that the bill strengthens property rights, but the...

CA sues Huntington Beach over failure to follow housing laws in warning to other cities
Mercury News

In a warning signal to California cities failing to comply with recently beefed-up housing legislation, the state on Thursday announced it’s suing Huntington Beach for “thumbing their nose” at laws intended to help solve the state’s housing shortage.

The lawsuit challenges the seaside Southern California city’s...

US beef and pork lobbyists claim mRNA livestock vaccines will begin this month

Several months back, Revolver published a shocking piece on U.S. meat farmers’ alleged plan to vaccinate livestock with the mRNA vaccine.

Dr. Malone was sounding the alarm about this startling move all the way back in January....

adly, this shocking report from three months ago may become a reality this month...

The Party of Chaos Blows Its Cover - Ukraine Conflict Updates
Putin Ushers In The New Geopolitical Game Board

Ukraine Conflict Daily Updates, Institute for the Study of War.

"Here's something you must understand. We were not given any opportunity to act differently." - Vladimir Putin


Narrative Collapse, ZMan, 17 May 2023.

39 questions about the war in Ukraine, Off Guardian, 8 May 2023.

Trump Indictment Assault on Democracy

Show me the man and I'll find you the crime."
    - Lavrentiy Beria, Deputy Premier, 1941 until Stalin's death in 1953

"In America, everyone has the right to a trial to prove his innocence."
    - Nancy Pelosi
      (As opposed to: Presumption of innocence, which means that any

6 months of supporting illegal aliens could cost Denver $20 million
9 News

... The costs supported and sheltered over 6,000 migrants....

The City of Denver said six months of supporting migrants could cost up to $20 million. Fewer people are arriving in the city compared to the peak in December and January...

Thousands of people have traveled to Denver in search of a better life*....

Invasive land use bill facing fierce opposition from mountain communities
Eagle County municipalities respond to ‘invasive’ bill introduced by governor and Democratic state leaders
Vail Daily

Colorado municipalities are scrambling to react to a sweeping land use bill introduced Wednesday, March 22, by Gov. Jared Polis and Democratic state lawmakers.

In Eagle County, local municipalities are expressing concerns that while the bill has the stated goal to address the state’s housing crisis, it will have the...

Could It Happen Here? It Is Happening Here!
It was only a matter of time before the Left arrested a former president of the opposition party.
American Greatness

My field of study in graduate school was communism...

I cite this in order to make this point: In my wildest dreams, I never imagined what I was studying would ever apply to the United States of America, the freest country in world history.

I assumed that communism was, for various reasons, something that...

Joint Chiefs Chairman: ‘You’re Talking 35,000 People a Week’ Crossing the SW Border; ‘That’s an Army Corps’
Geller Report / CNS News

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week refused again to call the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border a “crisis,” but Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had no such reluctance when he testified before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday:

“So, there is a crisis at...

Progressive-backed candidates set sights on Denver City Council

Denver City Council candidates backed by leftist organizations are closer than ever to securing multiple seats on the dais.

Why it matters: If enough of these candidates win during next week's election — or the runoff — it could signal a shift in the kinds of policies the City Council enacts.

By the numbers:...

Creeping Sharia: Islamized Los Angeles: For the First Time, Major Landmarks Are Lit Up Green for Ramadan (Video)
RAIR Foundation

A California Marxist Councilmember, Nithya Raman, has teamed up with an Islamic supremacist group to Islamize the City of Los Angeles for Ramadan. The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) lobbied Raman, a card-carrying member of America’s largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), to light up...

Pandemic Treaty Will Usher in Unelected One World Government

In the Children’s Health Defense video above, aired February 11, 2023, host Dr. Meryl Nass interviews investigative journalist James Corbett about the global biosecurity agenda, the World Health Organization’s mishandling of global pandemics, and the two parallel processes currently underway that will effectively...

Death Toll During The Holy Month Of Ramadan 2023
Geller Report

Some people point out that there are terrorist attacks every day, all year round. This is true, but they miss the point: the month of Ramadan is not an ordinary month, but a holy month. Ramadan is a special month. Ramadan is a time when Muslims are encouraged to increase their worship of Allah through prayer, reading the...

Abolish the Department of Education
Lew Rockwell

The Department of Education should be abolished, but not because it has too many bureaucrats, is too intrusive into state and local affairs, doesn’t actually educate a single student, or because U.S. students have science, math, and reading scores below students in many other countries.

The current cabinet-level...

The Deplorable Tapes

No honest person can deny this about Jan. 6, Tucker Carlson, 6 March 2023:

Lynching the Deplorables - The criminal investigation undertaken by the federal government against hundreds of participants in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol is polarizing the country and shredding civil liberties, by Chris...

Woke Dem-Led Colorado City Bans New Gas Stations to Fight 'Climate Change'

A Democrat-run city in Colorado is taking it into its own hands to try and fight so-called "climate change" by banning all new gas stations in the area. 

City councilors in Louisville passed an ordinance limiting the number of gas stations allowed to operate within the city to just six. 

Legislators claimed...

The Orchestrated Islamist Invasion of Germany, France, England

Here are but a few articles illustrating the orchestrated invasion of Germany, France, England, and other European nations:

First Arab Street Sign Appears in Germany, American Renaissance / Remix, 20 March 2023:

Germany’s first Arabic-language street sign has appeared in the city of Düsseldorf, and Islamic...

Colorado governor, Democrats: limit construction of accessory-dwelling units, duplexes and triplexes
Colorado Sun

Fast-growing, housing-strapped Colorado communities would be barred from limiting construction of duplexes, triplexes and add-on housing units under a marquee measure unveiled Wednesday by Gov. Jared Polis and Democratic state lawmakers aimed at addressing the state’s housing crisis by increasing residential density.


70 on FBI Terror Watchlist Arrested at US-Mexico Border in February
Geller Report
70 Migrants on Terrorist Watch List Apprehended this Year After Crossing Border

Border Patrol agents along the Mexican and Canadian borders apprehended 70 migrants who crossed between ports of entry so far this fiscal year. This compares to the record-shattering apprehensions last year of 98 migrants on the FBI’s list for...

We’re Not Going to Talk Our Way out of This
The Left's not in a talkin' mood, so neither should we be
The Neo-Ciceronian Times

... It's certainly wonderful to think that "all we need to do is find ways to constructively disagree with each other,"... But there's a tremendous difficulty with applying this to the modern ideological divide between Right and Left... The difficulties lie in that this line of thinking implies that there are two sides which...

Amazon bans five-star book 'Stealth Invasion' by Leo Hohmann
Leo Hohmann

... For the first time in the company's 10 years of selling books on Amazon, [Post Hill Press] had two of its titles flagged and banned as "hate speech."

One of those two books was mine. Amazon did not inform my publisher of the book banning nor did they give a reason, they just unilaterally banned it. No appeals...

Taxpayer-Funded NPR to Fire 10% of Staff After $30M Budget Gap, Largest Layoff Since 2008

Taxpayer-funded NPR will lay off ten percent of its workforce, going from approximately 1,200 to about 1,050 employees, after the left-wing media company failed to generate enough revenue, the organization announced Thursday.

NPR, whose budget is subsidized nearly 11 percent by taxpayer funds, announced a staggering $...

Inside the Boom in Chinese Migrants at the Southern Border

Thousands of Chinese migrants and asylum seekers have arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months, and many more are heading north after passing through the treacherous Darién Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama.

Why it matters: It’s another example of people from well beyond the Americas seeking refuge in...

Eight Startling Ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party
American Thinker

The Democrat Party has been a stain on the nation since its founding in 1828 by a virulently racist president, Andrew Jackson. It was the party of slavery and the Confederacy, it initiated racial segregation by legislating and brutally enforcing Jim Crow laws. It unabashedly aligned with and supported the Ku Klux Klan for...

The Death of Particularist White Identity
American Renaissance

...  At least 36 Columbus monuments have been torn down since the 1970s. Many refuse to celebrate his holiday, having renamed it “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”...

Columbus’s public fate reflects America’s growing intolerance for particularist white identities. These identities allow–or once allowed–white Americans to...

Great Reset: EU Vote to Implement Digital ID Latest Step in the ‘Chinaficaiton of Europe’

A European Parliament vote for bloc-wide digital IDs is the latest step towards the “Chinafication of Europe”, an MEP has claimed.

Cristian Terhes, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party, has described the European Union’s latest push for cross-border digital...

Dutch Farmers Fed Up With Climate Tyranny Win Shock Election Victory
Geller Report

Dutch farmer party BBB has become the single largest party. The country has spoken and Mark Rutte must drop the ridiculous nitrogen policy and stand down effective immediately.

The Farmer-Citizen Movement, or BoerburgerBeweging (BBB), was established in 2019 in response to the Netherlands government’s plan to “fight...

On this day, Republican Party founded to oppose expansion of slavery
On this day in history, March 20, 1854,
Geller Report

More essential education not taught in our garbage government public schools.

  On this day in history, March 20, 1854, Republican Party founded to oppose expansion of slavery

    Anti-slavery activists motivated as pending Kansas-Nebraska Act overturned Missouri Compromise

    By Kerry J. Byrne | Fox...

Are We the Byzantines?
The Byzantines never woke up in time to understand what they had become. Will Americans?
American Greatness

When Constantinople finally fell to the Ottomans on Tuesday, May 29, 1453, the Byzantine Empire and its capital had survived for 1,000 years beyond the fall of the Western Empire at Rome.

... the Byzantines’ survival had depended on its realist diplomacy of dividing its enemies, avoiding military quagmires, and...

1.5 Million 'Gotaway' Illegal Aliens During Biden's Term

About 1.5 million migrants have sneaked across the border as President Joe Biden opened the doors to a rush of southern migrants, according to testimony from Raul L. Ortiz, Chief of U.S. Border Patrol.

The new estimate includes the 1.3 million successful “gotaways” who were spotted by the border patrol’s agents and...

Republicans Can't Beat Democrats' Election-Industrial Complex By Adopting Its Strategies
The Federalist

... While few Republicans are ready to completely abandon policies that support election integrity and transparency, more and more seem willing to follow the old adage “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” and suggest that Republicans become significantly more reliant on universal mail-in voting and ballot harvesting to win...

The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection
Last Refuge

... Long time CTH reader “Regitiger” has spent a great deal of time reviewing the entire process, looking at the granular timeline and then overlaying the bigger picture of the constitutional and parliamentary process itself.  What follows below is a brilliant analysis of the federal government motive to create a J6 crisis...

Huge: "They Lied About Everything" - 96-Page DC Police Report Uncovered
Shows Government Knew MAGA Was Coming on Jan 6 and Entrapped Them All
Gateway Pundit

The Metropolitan Police released a report recently on the DC protests on January 6, 2021.

According to attorney Joe McBride who uncovered the report, the government knew MAGA was coming to DC and so they entrapped them.

It was all a setup.

The report is included in the first tweet below from Jan 6...

Mike Pence - Deep State Patsy

Former President Donald Trump was a wrecking ball — that’s what people like me voted for in 2016. We recognized the existence of an unelected deep state, composed mostly of Democrats and their shills. And, we understood instinctively that we needed an outsider to demolish the accretions of tyranny....

President Donald...

US Banks On Verge Of ‘Nationalization’
Daily Caller

A former Treasury Department official said Tuesday that American banks were on the verge of being nationalized following the Friday collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the government’s response.

“What the authorities did over the weekend was absolutely profound. They guaranteed the deposits, all of them, at Silicon...

Dutch Government Military to Quash Massive Freedom Demos Led by Farmers

... And the American media have censored and ignored this massive freedom movement.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied in Prague to protest inflation and the government’s support for Ukraine. Concurrently, thousands of Dutch farmers protested in The Hague against the government’s policies limiting nitrogen...

Medical Freedom

Our corrupt government, allied with Big Pharma, isn’t satisfied with making you sick, as it did with the U.S.-lab created Covid virus. It also tries to control your attempts to get well, suppressing or propagandizing against effective treatments. It does this for illnesses as well. Let’s look at an example.

As Jeremy...

Traitor Joe Fakes On Border Invasion To Stave Off Disaster in ’24 Election

After 51 years in Washington, D.C., Traitor Joe Biden knows how to pivot. Having presided over a Camp-of-The-Saints invasion at the southwest border to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation, now, he claims, he’ll get tough on illegal immigration. Biden ended POTUS 45 Donald Trump’s family detention policy, but...

Biden Regime Immigration Parole Scam Illegal
National Review

A few weeks back, in discussing President Biden’s immigration “parole” scam — the scheme by which the administration wants us to pretend that illegal aliens are not entering the country unlawfully because he is purporting to usher them in under a lawful process — we noted that the hammer might soon be coming down thanks to a...