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80 House Republicans Help Pass Bill to Fund Fed Vaccination Database

Tool to Enforce Orwellian Rules
Thursday, December 2, 2021
National News

Martin Armstrong Warns "America Is Under Attack By Marxist Globalists"

Zero Hedge
Saturday, November 27, 2021
National News

... There is massive inflation, huge defaults of debt in China, a badly broken supply chain and a hostile government against “We the People” here in America....

Diabolical — How Digital ID Will Control Your Life

Lew Rockwell
Saturday, November 20, 2021
Our American Future

While the media continue to scoff at warnings that vaccine passports are part of a surveillance structure that is likely to become a permanent part of our lives if we allow their implementation, there’s nothing to suggest that this won’t be the case....

The specter of Chinese civilization

On Chinese and Western models of governance
The New Criterion
Sunday, November 14, 2021
Our American Future

This is a superb article which provides much to consider. It is well worth reading in its entirety.

Editors’ note: Angelo M. Codevilla, who died on September 21, 2021, was reviewing final edits on this essay at the time of his death.

Klaus Schwab's School For Covid Dictators, Plan for 'Great Reset' (Videos)

RAIR Foundation
Thursday, November 11, 2021
Our American Future

... Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency.

Towards A Single World Currency

Zero Hedge
Saturday, November 6, 2021
Our American Future

...  it’s helpful to say a bit more about what central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are.

In 2018: EU Already Planned Vaccination Certificates, Monitoring Vaccine Status, Combating Hesitancy

RAIR Foundation
Saturday, October 30, 2021
National News
Over a year before the [China virus] pandemic, the globalist European Union was strategizing on developing a sophisticated immunization tracking database, vaccine passports, and preemptively squashing “vaccine hesitancy.”


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