Psychiatrist: COVID Policies Not About Health, They’re About Authoritarian Control

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Debra Heine
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American Greatness
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29 October 2021
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Our American Future
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A Los Angeles based psychiatrist [Dr. Mark McDonald] has come forward to denounce global COVID policies like lockdowns, masking, and vaccine mandates, arguing that these policies are not about health, but about control, and the endgame is a Chinese style authoritarian government....

"I am convinced that from the very beginning of this pandemic, and very quickly soon after it started, this push for universal coerced vaccination, and all its machinations and job firings, and keeping kids out of school, masked, distancing—all of this stuff,” McDonald said. “None of it—not any of it was ever about health. It was always about control, and I believe that the control was being fed, and is being fed off of the fear of innocent Americans, and now in particular, parents of children."

The doctor told Deace that the idea that “we are debating public health policy” is a lie meant to distract from the true motivation of the globalists, which is “complete, total control of our population.”...

“The term ‘dress rehearsal’ has been used for quite some time. We’re in essentially a theatrical production, and we’re in a series of dress rehearsals for the endgame,” he postulated.

“This is not about a vaccine. This is not about a mask. This is not about social distancing. These are ratcheting effects, he said, meaning, “a process that is difficult to reverse once it is underway or has already occurred.”

"They’re little tests that government, corporations, bureaucrats—in other words—people who hold some form of power over us—have used to see what is our limit? What are we willing to say no to?"

"And where’s there’s pushback, there’s a deratchet. There’s a pause, maybe an apology, a delay, a distraction—and then the ratchet goes forward."...


Video: A Stunning NIH Admission | Guest: Dr. Mark McDonald, October 21, 2021:


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