Compelling Perspectives on Politicization of the China Virus

13 October 2021

The China virus is a serious disease that has unfortunately been politicized for nefarious purposes, namely as a tool to implement the Great Reset and transition to socialist authoritarianism in Western countries.

Here are several articles and videos offering an eye-opening perspective on the China virus. As pointed out by Leo Hohmann below, digital health passports are the snare that will lure many into the one-world cashless system. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities,” Klaus Schwab told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in November 2020.


The biggest lie about COVID, by Maker S. Mark, American Thinker, August 10, 2021:

Excluding the origin story of COVID, I believe the biggest lie in the handling of COVID is the lie around asymptomatic spread — i.e., you could have the virus and not know it and kill people. This has been the great distraction of COVID, and it is being used even today to distract from major issues.

For those who have been monitoring the research, we have suspected since fairly early on that having otherwise healthy people and asymptotic people wear a mask has no known benefit in preventing viral spread. Even the peer-reviewed journal articles on the CDC website testify to this. If this statement was true then and is true now, then how did the CDC come to recommend in April of 2020 that healthy people wear masks? Why does the CDC continue to recommend mask-wearing? Just as importantly, how did we the people come to believe that forcing healthy people to wear a mask might be necessary?

The "scientists" at the CDC have demanded we suspend our understanding of all known viral transmission knowledge and believe that asymptotic spread is possible, and therefore we needed everyone to wear a mask to "slow the spread." ...

In December 2020, the CDC acknowledged the lie that had occurred. Asymptotic spread does not occur with COVID — i.e., only people with symptoms are contagious! This report in The Federalist is illuminating, and if true, this should be a focus of efforts in combatting the hysteria around the delta variant....

I believe that this lie — that you can sicken someone even if you have no symptoms — provides the foundation of the other lies that have been and continue to be told about COVID death and illness....

This lie has allowed us to doubt ourselves and the science, and it has distracted us with the masking debate. This is the lie that we need to focus on to return to normal. Unless you have a fever or other symptoms, you are not contagious and can't infect others.


Renowned propaganda expert: Worst is still to come in global psy op if people do not rise up and resist, Leo Hohmann, August 10, 2021:

Any student of military history will tell you: wars don’t just happen.

They are always foreshadowed by a propaganda operation intended to soften up the target, wear people down, weaken their resolve to fight.

The most successful operations come down to this simple strategy: identify your enemy, segregate, isolate, then annihilate.

Piers Robinson, co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies, is an internationally recognized expert on propaganda, but not just any propaganda.... He spoke at length about the propaganda aspects of Covid-19 in an Aug. 4 interview with Asia Pacific Today of Australia....

“Covid-19 is probably one of the biggest propaganda operations we’ve seen in history because of the global nature and the resources put into it,” Robinson said. “It was pretty clear from the beginning that propaganda was being employed.”

In the U.S. one of the main spigots of propaganda has been Dr. Anthony Fauci and the media’s elevation of this man to god-like status...

Robinson documents how the British government sought expert advice from behavioral psychologists on how to use the media to manipulate public opinion by ratcheting up the level of fear surrounding the Covid pandemic....

Use of hysterical media headlines was another big part of the strategy.

Big Tech quickly agreed to come on board with the censoring of all competing narratives that countered the fear-based approach.

If that didn’t work, the psychologists argued for shame and approval tactics....

In Germany, equally insidious propaganda strategies have been documented within the so-called “Panic Paper,” a leaked document from the German Department of Interior that shows the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media....

The World Economic Forum immediately seized on the Covid pandemic as an “opportunity” to change the economic, political and social structure of the free world....

“Keeping the virus in the forefront of people’s minds,” Robinson said. “Behavior scientists admitted that’s what the mask is mainly about. It’s not about protecting people from a virus but managing their perception of the virus.”...

“This concept of divide and control is becoming more apparent. We’re starting to see it over the last couple of weeks in terms of mandated vaccination,” Robison said....

The growing protest movements in France and Italy will need to continue to intensify and spread beyond Europe if they are going to be successful.

People must get out and start organizing and communicating with like-minded groups. That’s the key, as Robinson sees it....


If You Watch Only ONE Video: THIS Is The COVID-19 Science !, Dr. Dan Stock's speech to the Mount Vernon, Indiana school board, August 8, 2021:


You cannot make these viruses go away. The natural history of ALL respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long, waiting for the immune system to get sick through the winter, or become deranged - as has happened recently with these vaccines. Then they cause symptomatic disease. Because they cannot be filtered out AND they have animal reservoirs - no one can make this virus go away.

The CDC has managed to convince everybody that we can handle this like we did smallpox, where we could make a virus go away. Small pox had no animal reservoirs. The only thing it learned to infect was humans. That's why we were able to make that virus go away. That will not happen with this [virus]... or anything else that has animal reservoirs... Equally important is that vaccination changes none of this, especially with this vaccine.

I would hope this Board would start asking itself - before it considers taking the advice of the CDC, the NIH and the state board of health - why we are doing things about this that we didn't do for the common cold, influenza, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus. And then ask yourself why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don't do that.

And to help you understand that, you need to understand the condition that is called Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement. That is a condition done when vaccines work wrong, as they did in every coronavirus study done in animals on coronavirus after the SARS outbreak and done in Respiratory Syncytial Virus where a vaccine, used in a vulnerable individual, done the wrong way, which is why it cannot be done right for a respiratory virus which has a very low pathogenicity rate [ability to cause disease] causes the immune system to fight the virus wrong, worse than it would with native infection. And that is why you are seeing an outbreak right now... 75 percent of people who had COVID-19 positive symptom cases in [the] Barnstable, Massachusetts outbreak were fully vaccinated.

Therefore, there is no reason for treating any person vaccinated differently than any person unvaccinated. You should also know that NO VACCINE - even the ones I support and would give to myself and my chiildren - EVER STOPS INFECTION (3:25)

In 2014 there was an outbreak of mumps in the national hockey league. The only people who came down with symptoms were the people who are unvaccinated or unknown vaccine status. Boy that sounds like a great argument for vaccines. But a question you should ask yourself: knowing that half of the people who came down with symptomatic disease had no contact with an unvaccinated or unknown status individual, where did they get the disease? And the answer was — from the vaccinateed individuals. No vaccine prevents you from getting infected. You get infected. You shed pathogens. This especially true of viral respiratory pathogens. You just don't get symptomatic from it. So, you cannot stop spread. You cannot make these numbers that you planned on get better by doing any of the things that you're doing. Because that is the nature of viral respiratory pathogens. And you can't prevent it with a vaccine, because they don't do the very thing that you're wanting them to do. And you will be chasing this the remainder of your life until you recognize that the Center for Disease Control and the Indiana State Board of Health are giving you very bad scientific guidance.

And, instead, read the articles that are coming in the email and that are on this flashdrive [that he gave to their secretary beforehand] [Here are links to studies contained on the drive.]

... this vaccine was supposedly going to make all this go away, but has suddenly managed to make an outbreak of COVID-19 develop in the middle of the summer when Vitamin D levels are at their highest.

By the way, the other thing that would be necessary for any vaccine restriction to be considered would be if there were no other treatment available. And I can tell you, having treated over 15 COVID-19 patients that between active loading with Vitamin D, Ivermectin and Zinc, that there is not a single person who has come anywhere near a hospital. And we already have studies that show if you achieve a 25 hydroxy-vitamin D level greater than 55, you're risk of COVID-19 death will drop to one quarter of the population average for the United States...

So if you were going to discriminate based on vaccine, you should also discriminate based on 25-hydroxy vitamin D level, Zinc-taste test response, and probably previous infection, since there are also studies that show that people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection actually get no benefit from vaccination at all: no reduction in symptoms, no reduction in hospitalization, and suffer 2 to 4x the rate of side effects if they are subsequently vaccinated."

Observation on Stock's statement that "The natural history of ALL respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long, waiting for the immune system to get sick through the winter, or become deranged - as has happened recently with these vaccines."

"or become deranged" - he's likely talking about mass vaccine-induced viral mutation. Many scientific/MD commenters have said words to the effect that mass vaccination with an imperfect/"leaky" vaccine [i.e. one that does not completely kill the virus] fosters mutations. A virologist from University of Guelph, Dr. Bryan Bridle, made this point recently on the Ingraham Angle.


Luciferian elites will continue to steal elections and terrorize humanity until they meet overwhelming resistance - They sense now is the time to make their final move toward a lockdown technocratic surveillance state, by Leo Hohmann, August 12, 2021.

CDC Changes Definition of “Vaccine”, Vindicates Alex Berenson, by Larry Johnson, Gateway Pundit, September 8, 2021.


Digital Health Passports Are Trojan Horse For Cashless Society, by Leo Hohmann, ZeroHedge, August 10, 2021:

The digital trap has already been set and globalist elites are using COVID to speed up the process of convergence. Most people will sleep-walk right into the trap, which will ultimately reduce them to a human QR code – trackable, traceable, and 100 percent dependent on Big Tech and big government for their existence....

The most imminent agenda item needed to jumpstart this system is a successful launch of digital health passports.

France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Greece and many other nations have started mandating these passports on their citizens, many of whom are flooding into the streets to protest....

The movement toward digital health passports in the U.S. is happening more gradually but it’s picking up steam....

When asked for clarification on exactly what COVID rules might be implemented, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said nothing is off the table.

Remember that phrase: Nothing is off the table....

Despite what anyone tries to tell you, separating Americans by vaccine status is a historic first. It has never before been tried, not through the polio or smallpox outbreaks of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, not during the Spanish Flu. Not ever...

Learn your medical rights as an employee, student, etc., and how to ‘say no to the needle’ at Peggy Hall’s

That leads us to the second leg of the digital trap that is baking in the technological oven – a new global digital ID system that is capable of working in conjunction with the digital health passports and the new medical-vaccination complex.

The leader in this stream of tech is the ID2020 Alliance, a collaborative of more than 35 members including Accenture, Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, MasterCard, IBM, the International Chamber of Commerce, MIT SafePaths and Bill Gates’ GAVI Global Vaccines Alliance....

Yet another piece to the evolving techno-fascist puzzle is the new digital currency....

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities,” Schwab told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in November 2020....



Former CDC director Robert Redfield: I was "sidelined" & "threatened" for taking the lab leak theory seriously. August 10, 2021

I think what you've seen over the last eighteen months is no new evidence to suggest that this evolved from nature. Haven't seen any evidence of it being associated with any of the animal species they've tested, over 80 thousand animals. But we have seen growing evidence to support that was in fact was a consequence of a laboratory leak. So I continue to believe of the two hypotheses, that the laboratory leak is the most likely origin of this virus. It's in a way tragic because you would then say that this pandemic was caused in a way by science, not necessarily by nature. And I think I'm very disheartened when I've seen how the scientific community failed to approach both hypotheses with an open mind. I mean I was very rapidly sidelined, threatened and, you know, really... sort of outed because somehow I believed as a virologist that this virus may have come from the laboratory.



Video: Rand Paul: “It’s Time to Resist!”, August 9, 2021:


Rand Paul Blasts YouTube for Censorship of His Coronavirus Remarks, Breitbart, August 10, 2021.


Covid Will Prevail As Long As The Known Cures Are Against Protocol, by Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, August 19, 2021:

... Reports from everywhere are that the vast majority of new Covid cases are among the fully vaccinated.

The US, EU, and UK databases of adverse vaccine reactions show tens of thousands of deaths and over 5 million health injuries associated with the Covid vaccine. As the databases only capture between 1% and 10% of the adverse effects, the vaccines have done more harm than the Covid virus.

For the entirety of the time that the “pandemic” has been upon us, the official protocol enforced by CDC, NIH, FDA, and WHO has prevented known preventatives and cures—HCQ and Ivermectin—from being used to treat patients. Eli Lilly has announced a new cure, but it has “been put on hold,” that is, blocked from usage. Why has the medical establishment blocked treating Covid patients with known safe cures?...

In clear words, the official medical protocol is entirely responsible for the Covid deaths. It was the lack of treatment, not the virus, that killed people.

Why were people not treated? They were not treated because the absence of any known treatment is the sole legal basis for the use of an untested, unapproved, experimental “vaccine.” The law is clear. Unapproved vaccines cannot be used if there is a cure.

Both known cures and preventatives—HCQ and Ivermectin—were blocked by the protocol established to guarantee mass inoculation with the “vaccine.” The protocol guaranteed billions in vaccine profits and sharply rising share prices of vaccine companies....

Large numbers of the most distinguished and high ranking scientists on earth have said that the vaccine, at best, is a failure. Nothing can be done about the Delta variant. No amount of vaccination, lockdowns, mask mandates. All are impotent. The Delta variant will run through the population. The only solution is cures. Known cures are known and in use by independent practices. In India, Ivermectin completely stopped Covid in the districts permitted to use it.....


A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats: Scott Atlas’s Masterpiece on the Covid Disaster, by Jeffrey A. Tucker, Brownstone Institute, 27 November 2021. Book review review of Scott Atlas's excellent book: A Plague Upon Our House.

A Big Picture Look at the Disastrous Public Health Response to COVID-19, by Carla Peeters and David Bell, Epoch Times, 18 October 2022.

Perfect summation of Vaxx mandates by European Parliament member

In 2018: EU Already Planned Vaccination Certificates, Monitoring Vaccine Status, Combating Hesitancy

Three articles on the China Virus, Mass Psychosis, and Marxism

Critical Thinking 091, by Ted Noel, Townhall, 30 August 2021: For every complicated question, there’s a simple answer that’s wrong. Diktat’s are those simple answers. We must be free to make our own decisions.

The Bad And The Ugly About COVID In America, by Thomas T. Siler, M.D., American Thinker, August 26, 2021: What is the agenda if vaccinating everyone is not medically necessary? (It is not!)

France Flooded With People Fighting For Freedom (video), General Dispatch, 6 August 2021.

Australia is a Penal Colony Once More, by Katie Hopkins, FrontPage Mag, 9 August 2021.

CDC Tightened Mask Guidelines After Threats from Teachers’ Union, Breitbart, 9 September 2021:

The Biden administration tightened its masking guidance after one of the country’s most powerful teachers’ unions — the National Education Association (NEA) — threatened White House officials with publicly releasing harsh criticism of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to internal emails obtained by Fox News.

Tucker Carlson: vaccine rhetoric is about politics and social control - video, Fox, 28 July 2021:

Watch video: Tucker: Americans should never be forced to take medicine they don't want, period, Fox, 28 July 2021.


Degrowth and the Great Reset


Video: Dr. Christina Parks, PhD in cellular and molecular biology gives excellent speech exposing the China Virus vaccine, Rumble, 26 August 2021.

The Goal of Covidism is Communism, The Burning Platform, 2 September 2021.

Documents Show Fauci-Funded Wuhan Lab Created Novel Coronavirus with ‘Enhanced Pathogenicity’ for Humans, Breitbart, 8 September 2021.

The Ronacoaster, Once You Get in the Vaccine Car You Ain’t Getting Off Until The Ride’s Over, Last Refuge, 8 September 2021.

Vaxx passports - a ticket to digital slavery?, Del Bigtree interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, 19 August  2021.

How Can You Be Content With a Counterfactual Explanation of an Orchestrated “Pandemic”?, by Paul Craig Roberts, Lew Rockwell, 23 September 2021.


No vaccines, including Polio, have ever been federally mandated, CAIRCO research, 26 July 2021.

Time to stop masking the real science, by Fred Elbel, 14 May 2021.

Masking corporate fascism, by Fred Elbel, 14 June  2021.

Social Distancing and the Mask Masquerade, by Fred Elbel, 24 July 2020.

Video: Safety Mask - great humor, 29 July 2020.


New Book Exposes Fauci’s Mythological Scientific Acumen, Buthing Platform, November 20, 2021.

Psychiatrist: COVID Policies Not About Health, They’re About Authoritarian Control, by Debra Heine, American Greatness, 23 October  2021.


Dr. Peter McCullough - 10/27/2021 - Phoenix AZ, UgeTube. An excellent presentation on the problems of forced vaccination.


San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting video, November 3, 2021, below. Local Doctors then address purported COVID-19 misinformation in San Diego, 3 November 2021.


Dr. Chris Shoemaker: Covid 'Vaccines' Are The Real Reason People Are Sick and Hospitalized this Winter (Interview), RAIR FOundation, 12 December 2022. Ivermectin is the only drug with a five-star gold standard of effectiveness in the world.... There’s study after study – even a year ago – showed that Ivermectin was extremely effective at improving early covid and mid covid. And the studies, even more recently, are showing its fantastic ability to help in late covid...

Switzerland Bans the COVID Vaccines, Geller Report, 9 April 2023.

Just How Hard Were We Trolled? by Jeffrey A. Tucker, Epoch Times, 6 February 2023:

China Virus Resources

Book: Blindsight is 2020: Reflections on Covid Policies from Dissident Scientists, Philosophers, Artists, and More, by Gabrielle Bauer, 2023.

Antivax Grab-Bag: Memes, Blurbs and Links, by Mike Whitney, Unz Review, 3 March 2023.

40 Facts You NEED to Know: The REAL Story of “Covid”, Burning Platform, 25 March 2023.

Anthony Fauci Admitted Six-Foot Social Distancing Was Based on Nothing, Breitbart, 10 January 2024.


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