France Flooded With People Fighting For Freedom (video)

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General Dispatch
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8 August 2021
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National News
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[August 8, 2021] Hundreds of thousands demonstrate across France against vaccine passports. The leftist mainstream media will not report the protests. 



“I WILL NOT SUBMIT”: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS French Citizens Protest Over Vaccine Passports, Geller Report, September 7,2021.

Half of Paris Cafes And Bars Refusing to Comply With Vaccine Passport Scheme, Information Liberation, August 11, 2021.

Here's a photo of Covid measures protests in Italy

Police battle to defend broadcaster's west London studios as mob of dozens of activists protesting vaccine passports and jabs for children try to storm building, Daily Mail, August 10, 2021.

Video: Paris just implented vaccine passports. Police are going from table to table at French cafes demanding people’s papers. This time the French didn’t even have to wait till the fascists invaded, as they had voted them into office.

Video: Ireland: forcing masks on kids is cruel and unnecessary, Tucker Carlson, August 11, 2021.

Compelling Perspectives on the Politicization of the China Virus - videos and articles.

Rand Paul: "It’s Time to Resist!"

Protest against the last variant, communism in the mask of Covid measures, in Montreal:

Rand Paul: "It’s Time to Resist!"