The Specter of One World Government Looms Large

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U.N. Agenda 2030
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E. Jeffrey Ludwig
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American Thinker
Article date: 
21 October 2021
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Our American Future
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The U.N.'s Agenda 2030 is still in place, and the clock is ticking toward its empowerment — only eight years and two-plus months to go. This Agenda is for a new world government...

This new government on our horizon explains many of the failures in policies in these first months of the Biden administration. The failures are based not so much on mistakes as on deliberate sabotage to weaken our country, dilute the power that undergirds our sovereignty, and prepare us to accept one-world government.

The seed ideas for Agenda 2030 began with Pres. Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations in his Fourteen Points at the end of WWI...

After WWII, the U.N. was conceived of as having duties and functions that the League did not have. The U.N. would sustain the world in real ways with the establishment of the International Monetary Fund to strengthen currencies worldwide and the World Bank to finance and endorse vast construction projects...

... Many on the left believed that if the whole world were one, then the destitution and resulting despair of the poorer countries could not be dismissed as a failure of local nation-state governments to enact good policies or to be less corrupt....

This is an updating of the idea first put forward in 18th-century France by Jean-Jacques Rousseau that the best government is not the liberty-centered, individualistic, and rights-oriented government such as projected by John Locke; rather, the best government bypasses all exploitation by expressing the General Will...

This Agenda [Agenda 2030] puts forward a plan for a new soft world government by the year 2030. It was a plan adopted unanimously by the U.N. on September 25, 2015, and has 91 sections. The Agenda covers every aspect of human experience and thus is a government without using the word government.... Instead of "rights," the two buzzwords that appear throughout the Agenda are "needs" and "sustainability."...

With this evolution of the U.N. before us, are we not better able to understand why the left is so comfortable with the collapse of our borders? With the capture and availability of so much U.S. military equipment in Afghanistan? With the overthrow of law and order in our cities so we look more and more like an unruly third-world country with each passing year? With our budgets so inflated that currency inflation and collapse are almost a certainty?


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