Thierry Baudet: Exposes Covid is the Vehicle for the Globalist Plan (Video)

Article author: 
Michael Williams
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RAIR Foundation
Article date: 
9 October 2021
Article category: 
Our American Future
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Corona is the alibi, the pretext, the inducement to realize the new world order that has been prepared and desired for a long time.”
- Thierry Baudet

Thierry Baudet, leader of the populist Right party Forum for Democracy in The Netherlands, gave a fiery speech in the Dutch parliament on Thursday to address the controversial coronavirus “vaccines” and globalists’ sinister role in the pandemic response....

He began by citing scientific research, which suggests that the mRNA versions of the COVID vaccine are more likely to produce harmful side effects in those who receive them and result in more fatalities than is usual for vaccines....

Baudet further suggested that the vaccines are not effective against the virus’ newer mutations and that the mRNA vaccine’s unique mechanism of action can harm its recipients’ immune systems....

Baudet highlighted COVID is only fatal for 0.23% of those it infects, and for those below 70, the death rate falls to 0.05%....

“All these things defy reason,” he concluded. “They lack all logic. . . . The goal of the Corona policy is not the protection of public health. . . . It all serves a completely different agenda, an agenda that is indicated with terms like The Great Reset and Build Back Better, an agenda that is rolled out globally and seems to have the whole world in its grip.”...

He reminded his audience that, in 2016, the UN and the European Union expressed their intention to administer vaccines to everyone in the world regularly....

“Undoubtedly, these next steps will be presented to the citizens as useful things,” he predicted. “But those QR codes will never go away. They will become the new normal. So it was all about: the QR society, where good behavior is rewarded by access to social life, and bad behavior is punished with a scanner turning red....


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