Global Predators Fauci, Gates, and Schwab Behind the COVID Reign of Terror

9 October 2021

Reviews of the book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, by Peter Roger Breggin, 2021.


World Renowned Psychiatrist: 'Global Predators' Fauci, Gates, and Schwab Behind the COVID 'Reign of Terror'
By Debra Heine, American Greatness, October 6, 2021

Excerpts from the article are included below:

A world-renowned psychiatrist says an evil cabal of powerful elites, including National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, tech billionaire Bill Gates, and World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, created the COVID pandemic to push the deadly vaccines on an unsuspecting public, and usher in a “new world order.”

Dr. Peter Breggin argues in a new book that the U.S. government began its vaccine rollout by enticing people to get the experimental shot using various bribes, then moved on to forcing the injections on unwilling people by threatening their employment, imposing higher health insurance rates, making it more difficult for them to travel, and even denying them health care.

Breggin, 85, says we are in the midst of worldwide propaganda campaign designed to make people feel helpless, docile, and obedient. He laid out in detail what his extensive research into the pandemic has uncovered during an interview on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s podcast, last month. According to Breggin, “we are being oppressed by evil people” who are working toward a worldwide totalitarian regime....

Breggin has written more than a dozen bestselling books on psychiatry and the drug industry.

His latest book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators, hit bookstores on September 30.

“Don’t get scared, get angry. Don’t get demoralized. They want that. There’s a whole school of public health that talks about how to intimidate and engender fear to get people to do what you want. It’s called “fear appeal,” he said. “So we have to know that there’s a war against us. They have a stealth war against us. So be proud. Be an American, be a patriot, stand up for liberty.”

The psychiatrist stressed the goal of the globalists is to make people feel weak and helpless in the midst of the pandemic....

“How does it make sense that they’re absolutely ignoring that in America now, we have over 13,000 reports of death (to the CDC) from the vaccine, and no one is investigating it?” he asked.

Breggin pointed out that in past years, if there had been only 200 deaths from all of the vaccines put together, it would have been considered a catastrophe....

Meanwhile, Breggin noted, there there are highly inflated numbers of COVID deaths that have been falsified by manipulating the reporting mechanisms....

Breggin pointed out that two treatments that have been proven to be helpful in fighting COVID—Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine—are inexpensive, and safe to use.

“Why would they stop that?” he asked. “Well, they’re already exaggerating the deaths, and they’re already minimizing the harm done by the vaccines, so could this be, from the start, all about the vaccine?”...

“In 2010, Bill Gates pronounced ‘the decade of the vaccine,’ and who do you think was right with him as a partner in the declaration? Anthony Fauci.”...

The doctor said he unearthed a 2015 paper that showed funding from Fauci’s NIAID, to a collaborative study with the top two scientists at the Wuhan lab. Breggin stressed that Fauci had to know that he was funding a potential pandemic virus being conducted by the Communist Chinese government....

Breggin said he discovered on Klaus Schwab’s website that Gates in 2016 had created a 65-page business plan for the next pandemic....

Breggin said Trump thought he had come up with Operation Warp Speed, but he was only implementing what Gates had come up with in 2017....


Dr. Breggin laid out in detail what his extensive research into the pandemic has uncovered during an interview on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s podcast last month.


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