Stop Waiting for the New World Order to Arrive. It’s Already Here!

Article author: 
Wallace Garneau
Article publisher: 
America Out Loud
Article date: 
5 May 2022
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... If someone truly believes that the United States is the most horrendous and racist nation in human history – as we have been teaching our children for two generations – then it is perfectly logical to also believe that celebrating our nation is celebrating racism, sexism, genocide, slavery, and all of the other things such a person thinks describes our country....

The hard left may be wrong (they are wrong), but their beliefs about the rest of us flow logically from the assumptions they start with. We have spent the last two generations teaching Americans to hate their country, and to hate the people in it. We see the results before us...

Consider some actual news stories that our mainstream media did not bother to report.

Story One

Five US oil refineries were shuttered last year based on new EPA requirements, the cost of which would have made them unprofitable.... Under the Biden Administration, the EPA has a stated goal of weaning America off fossil fuels by using regulatory rules to force refineries out of business...

Story Two

Biden just proposed a multi-trillion dollar bill to help small businesses deal with inflation, arguing that government spending can bring inflation down by using subsidies to offset rising costs. The result will be even more inflation....

Story Three

The Department of Homeland Security is responding to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter by creating a ‘Disinformation Governance Board.’ ...

Apple and Google are going to remove Twitter from their app stores, Amazon is going to take Twitter off their servers, and the EU will seize 6% of Twitter’s gross revenues and/or ban the platform from Europe unless the platform continues to censor...

Story Five

After telling the country for a year and a half that white supremacist domestic terrorism is the single greatest terrorist threat our country faces, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted to Congress that the Department of Homeland Security has not referred a single case of domestic terrorism to the Department of Justice. Essentially...


First, the hard left believes in postmodernism, and according to postmodernism, the only purpose of speech is to project power.... The ‘New World Order’ is being implemented right now, before our very eyes.