We're All Dutch Farmers Now!

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The Corbett Report Substack
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18 July 2022
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National News
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For weeks now, farmers in the Netherlands have been engaging in fierce protests over their government's plan to halve the country's nitrogen and ammonia pollution by 2030. It is estimated that this plan—which will mandate emissions cuts of 95% in some provinces—will require a 30% reduction in livestock and will drive many of the nation's farmers out of business.

The protests have been remarkably heated, as tens of thousands take to the streets to block the country's highways, torch bales of hay and spread manure around politicians' homes....

Make no mistake: Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you do, these power-hungry elitists will be coming after your livelihood next. We are all Dutch farmers now....

The battle isn't just being waged in the Netherlands, of course. In 2020, Canada committed to a similar scheme of nitrogen reduction, vowing to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer by 30% by 2030. And we already know how the Canadian government will react to the inevitable farmer protests in Canada. Just look at what they did to the truckers....

There can be no doubt at this point: with their carbon taxes and restrictions on farming, the would-be world controllers are deliberately crashing the world economy....

Whether we know it or not, we are at war. And, whether we know it or not, that war is a battle between the overwhelming majority of the human population and the few at the top who seek to control (and simultaneously reduce) that population....

We are all Dutch farmers now.


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Thomas Malthus predicted that famine was the inevitable byproduct of agriculturally successful populations: a well fed population would breed faster than the agricultural sector could grow.  For him, that was an unavoidable tragedy.  Modern leftist governments, though, have a new approach: they are forcing Malthusian famines by mandating fertilizer reductions and seizing farmers' lands.  It's all part of the Great Reset that the New World Order of Klaus Schwab, et al. have planned for us: you'll have nothing, including no food, while they live in their castles on the hill, insulated from the Hobbesian terrors they've created....