Why Flatulent Cows Matter

Article author: 
Jeff Thomas
Article publisher: 
Discern Report
Article date: 
31 July 2023
Article category: 
National News
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We’ve all heard nonsense about cows presenting a danger to the continuance of life on earth – that methane gas from cow flatulence will bring on climate change faster than John Kerry’s jet.

Any thinking person (a sub-species of Homo sapiens that’s in decline but not yet endangered) would agree that the notion that an animal that’s existed in harmony with nature for over two million years could destroy the earth within fourteen years if they’re not exterminated is truly absurd...

The real issue here isn’t farting cows any more than it’s whether men can have babies. These are mere exercises...

The issues are absurdly extreme for a reason. The objective is not the achievement of the issues themselves. It is the alteration of the psyche of the populace...

Once the public has spent several years having their heads divided between “far-right extremism” and what’s approved by the Ministry of Truth, enough people will have been converted into non-thinking proles that a bill can be put forward with the broad and intentionally non-specific objective to outlaw far-right extremism in all its forms...

The goal is not the elimination of cows; it’s the elimination of thinking and dissent...


Cows product methane and there are many more cows than would occur in a natural environment. However, the above article makes some salient points.

Cattle methane gas from belching and flatulence measured from space, Merco Press, 6 May 2022:

But it turns out that flatulence only makes up a small amount, roughly 5%, of the methane generated by cattle. The remainder comes from burping, with methane released through a cow's nose, according to the statement...

The agriculture industry contributes roughly 10.5% of all greenhouse gasses in the U.S. points out the US Department of Agriculture. The US cattle herd numbers 91.9 million cows and calves...

Methane traps more heat than CO2 but has a shorter atmospheric lifespan. Still, its ability to trap heat makes it a target in the fight against climate change...

Do "cow farts" cause global warming? Iowa Farm Bureau, 27 July 2023:

Cattle and other ruminant animals account for about 4% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, according to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA)...

Battling bovine belching: measuring methane emissions from cows, Physics World, 6 April 2021.

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