Study accidentally proves man-caused global warming not provable

Article author: 
Eric Utter
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
21 July 2023
Article category: 
National News
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According to a study recently published in the journal Science, and latched onto by USAToday, more than 400,000 years ago, Greenland was actually green. Yes, scientists say, the massive island was an ice-free landscape, and was perhaps even covered with trees.

This is important to know, avers study co-lead author Paul Bierman of the University of Vermont, because it tells us "Greenland's ice sheet is fragile.” Bierman stated: "All by itself, during a warm period very similar to today, the ice sheet melted away 400,000 years ago. That was without fossil fuel emissions into the atmosphere.”

An ice sheet melted “all by itself?” Here is a “scientist” telling us that we must immediately change our lifestyles and bankrupt our economies to prevent something that occurred naturally and without human influence 400,000 years ago!

After Greenland’s ice sheet turned to water, whined the climate alarmists, the sea-level rose at least 5 feet...

Earth’s repeated ice ages tend to follow a 100,000-year cycle, during which ice sheets grow for about 90,000 years and then retreat or collapse in about 10,000 years during warmer periods. The last ice age ended around 11,700 years ago, meaning it could get chilly again soon...


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