Derailing the Green New Deal

9 May 2022
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While worshiping the false god of anthropomorphic - that is, human caused - climate change is proving to be catastrophic for the Democrat party, there are indeed physical limitations to growth. All indications are that Peak Oil is real and that there are real limits on the availability of most scarce resources. What a conundrum!

If the climate change cultists were sincere in their demand to reduce fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions, they would champion nuclear energy as a viable alternative, including safe thorium reactors. But they don't.

If climate change cultists were sincere in their demands to reduce fossil fuel usage, they would emphasize that population growth requires correspondingly more energy in all forms. But they don't. Instead the Biden regime has opened America's borders. Mass immigration is driving America's population to double within the lifetimes of children born today.

A reasonable inference is that the Green New Deal is a contrived crisis which is being used as a battering ram to dismantle capitalism in America. The Biden regime's answer to the purportedly overarching climate change crisis is to usher in even more government control over energy production and consumption. 

The End of the Climate Change Legend, by Stephen Moore, Townhall, 27 March 2022:

... The Left's spiritual devotion to climate change has been speeding the Democrats over a political cliff this fall with likely unprecedented losses this November. The zero fossil fuels suicide pact was always an economic and political loser....

Even the Energy Department predicts that even with the trend toward renewable energy, by 2035, we will still be heavily reliant on oil, gas and coal...

This brings us to yet another fatal flaw of the climate change movement. The Biden administration and its radical green allies can't explain why getting our energy from Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia makes more sense than Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska.

This strategy is especially pinheaded because the war on oil, gas and coal production is a big loser for the environment and increases global greenhouse gas emissions. That is because America has the strictest environmental standards. Shifting oil and gas production to Russia or Iran and shifting coal production to China and India is causing far more air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions....

The Democrats' radical climate change agenda isn't greening the planet, and it is bankrupting our country....

One might ask whether that's the primary intent. In order to radically transform America and build back better into a socialist / globalist utopia, the Democrats first must tear it down.

Lighting the Gas under European Feet: How Politicians and Journalists Get Energy So Wrong, Mises Institute, 9 May 2022:

... Energy is not the same as electricity. Electricity is a secondary energy source, derived from primary energy sources through a conversion process—combustion or turbines spinning. The 85 percent figure above is for energy use....

Solar panels and wind turbines produce a minor part of the electricity needs, but do nothing to address the larger energy needs. In contrast, fossil fuels are energy-dense, reliable, on-demand sources of either energy or electricity, and we have excelled both at storing and transporting them....

... renewable electricity generation in Germany requires boatloads and pipe loads of Russian gas, Russian oil, and Russian commodities: the steel and cement to construct their precious wind towers are made from coal, not even counting the extreme heat needed to shape the steel and iron that makes up its body....

A single wind turbine uses thousands of kilograms of nickel in its shaft and gear, plus some rare earth minerals from some pretty unclean sources. The gigantic structures, hundreds of meters tall and much too clunky to easily transport, are erected and moved there by machines that swallow diesel by the gallon....

Fossil fuels are machine food, as Alex Epstein is fond of saying, and nothing drinks petrol like the machines that power a thirsty wind energy industry....

It’s becoming increasingly clear, to more and more people, that withdrawing from fossil fuels “for environmental reasons” is not a choice....

Book: Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas--Not Less, by Alex Epstein, 2022.

U-turn on thorium: safe nuclear power generation?, Power Technology, 18 June 2020:

More abundantly available than uranium, thorium is said to be both safer and greener. Those in support say that thorium’s waste is 'cleaner' and lasts for only a few hundred years, not the tens of thousands associated with uranium. Also, while it can work in conventional, water-cooled reactors, it can also be combined with molten salt or liquid fluoride reactors, offering even greater efficiency.

Despite the fact that thorium could solve some of nuclear's current problems, it is certainly no cure-all. More research will have to go into improving reactor technology and the fuel cycle to harvest the real benefits of thorium. The idea of thorium-fuelled reactors was dropped by US scientists in the 1960s and uranium became the favoured nuclear fuel instead, partly because it could be refined to make weapons.


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What's Wrong with Wind and Solar?


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