Are there no limits? The Summer 2018 Social Contract issue is out

The Summer, 2018 Social Contract Journal is out. The issue theme is:

Are there no limits? The crisis of overpopulation, mass immigration, and overconsumption.

Here are direct links to articles contained in the issue:

  1. Editor's Note: The 'Population Bomb' Is No Dud, by Wayne Lutton, Ph.D.
  2. On the Question of Limits, by Chris Clugston
  3. Three Strikes - You're Out!, by Chris Clugston
  4. The Benefits of Population Reduction to a Developed Country, by Social Contract Editors
  5. Doomsday Delayed, But Not Deleted - How the fracking boom and soaring U.S. oil and gas output postpone the inevitable reckoning between energy and population to another day, by Leon Kolankiewicz
  6. On a Planet with Explosive Population Growth, America As Flophouse Must End - Zero immigration is needed on the (nearly) eight-billion-person planet, by Brenda Walker
  7. Numbers (Sometimes) Can Make Them Think, by John Vinson
  8. The Ticking 'Population Bomb' in Africa, India, and China - The ramifications of overpopulation for the West, by Frosty Wooldridge
  9. Some Problems with 'Diversity', by Garrett Hardin
  10. Warning to Canadian Nationalists: Don't Be Played, by Tim Murray
  11. Immigration, Inside the Polling Booth, by Peter B. Gemma
  12. There Is No Limit to the Mainstream Media's Protection of Illegal Aliens, by Dave Gibson
  13. Trump Was Right: MS-13 Gang Members Are Literally 'Animals', by Dave Gibson
  14. Saying 'Ho-Hum' to Nasty 'Three-Year-Olds' in the Slander Sandbox, by Diana Hull
  15. Two Great Earth Scientists Embark on Their Final Journeys, by Leon Kolankiewicz
  16. John D. Rockefeller III Presidential Commission on Population Growth, by John D. Rockefeller III
  17. An Option Best Avoided, by Carl F. Horowitz
  18. A Mainstream Look at Hate Crime Law, by Martin Witkerk
  19. The Fight to Preserve Western Civilization, by Rick Oltman
  20. Lifting the Muslim Siege of Vienna (1683) Bringing History to Life, by Wayne Lutton, Ph.D.

You can also order a printed copy of the Summer, 2018 Social Contract Journal.