GeoDestinies, 2022

GeoDestinies 2022 edition

The late petroleum geologist, professor, and author Walter Youngquist was especially concerned about immigration-driven population growth and its impact on sustainability of our supporting natural environment. His book GeoDestinies has been republished in PDF form, which you can download at PostDoom. You can also listen to audio of selected chapters.

Reviews and download: GeoDestinies - The inevitable control of Earth resources over nations and individuals

About the 2022 Edition of GeoDestinies

"The Earth's mineral riches are distributed unevenly over the globe, and this has tremendous effects on the human condition. Different regions have achieved great power and affluence with the development of resources, from water and fertile soil to oil and high-tech metals. What will happen to these economies as the resources are depleted? This unique volume presents and analyzes essential data on energy and mineral resources and population issues of concern to sociologists, geologists, ecologists, economists, policymakers, futurists, and political scientists."

After hearing Walter Youngquist speak at a 1997 conference, I read his comprehensive book, GeoDestinies - The inevitable control of Earth resources over nations and individuals. It was mind-expanding, to say the least. Youngquist explains how the world works in terms of resource dependency. What a great way to understand why wars were fought and how history developed. 


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