Bird Flu: Another phony "pandemic"…this time for chickens

Article author: 
Kit Knightly
Article publisher: 
Off Guardian
Article date: 
31 March 2022
Article category: 
National News
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The bird flu outbreak is not real.

That should be everyone’s starting point – with everything, really – assume the media is lying and wait for them to prove they’re not.

Always doubt the press.


Especially when the fates seem to converge and every single item in the “news” herds public opinion in the same direction and serves the same agenda

…which bird flu definitely does.

Food shortages. Soaring poverty. Rationing. The cost of living crisis. They’re all part of the Great Reset agenda...

We know they just faked a pandemic in humans. You think they can’t – or won’t – do the same for chickens?...

The USDA does routine testing of poultry farms using PCR tests...

All mainstream outlets are taking the same line – reporting million of birds dying of flu....

So, there is some inconsistency here. Essentially, we don’t know how many died of “bird flu”, or how many were culled with “bird flu”.

Sound familiar?...

To sum up, the backbone of this “bird flu” outbreak is:

  1. Routine testing done using unreliable PCR tests, which can be manipulated to create false-positive results.
  2. Linguistic ambiguity over causes of death, and unreliable reporting of casualty numbers.
  3. Governmental over-reactions which “accidentally” make the problem worse.

…seriously, any of this ringing a bell yet?...